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Linkside Attractions and Distance Calculations
Linkside is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Linkside
Direct Distance from Linkside to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 947 Km
Direct Distance from Linkside to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 894 Km
Direct Distance from Linkside to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 659 Km
Direct Distance from Linkside to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 687 Km
Direct Distance from Linkside to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 542 Km
Direct Distance from Linkside to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1079 Km
Direct Distance from Linkside to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 587 Km
Direct Distance from Linkside to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1180 Km
Roads Near Linkside
Roads / Streets in LinksideRoad Length
1st Avenue 1.127Km
Alcock Road 621m
Bablock AVenue 173m
Bibury Avenue 454m
Birdlip Avenue 397m
Budford Crescent 292m
Camden Road 222m
Carnoustie Crescent 1.123Km
Cherwell Road 345m
Dodds Farm to Thomas Road 1.424Km
Godstow Avenue 213m
Heythrop Drive 83m
Prentice Street 508m
Shipston Avenue 154m
Thomas Road 592m
Toydie Street 089m
Wicksteed Lane 104m
Windrush Avenue 234m
Wychwood Avenue 876m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Linkside and their distance from Linkside
Banks in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Standard Bank-33.978467125.5837125
FNB - Newton Park-33.949620425.5706504
First National Bank-33.979850725.5839502
Bed and Breakfasts in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Lyndale Bed and Breakfast-33.962656725.5711458
Annes Bed and Breakfast-33.975885725.5864091
Cafes in LinksideLatitude Longitude
The Corner Cafe-33.975020025.5931600
Cafe Providence-33.960040025.5986000
The Hedges Coffee Shop-33.980010025.5803100
The Coffee Society-33.949232325.5694579
Car Rentals in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Avis (Greenacres)-33.950492325.5812620
Cinemas in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Guest Houses in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Linkside Lodge-33.963642825.5818219
Mill House Guest House-33.962480025.5888700
Millbury Guest House-33.961587425.5901967
Mill Park Inn-33.954845225.5843255
Greenacres Guest House-33.953420825.5798738
River Road Guest House-33.970816825.5887561
236 Cape Road Cottage-33.953176625.5791106
Arkenstone Guest House-33.957039025.5899227
Dempseys Guest House-33.972210025.5898500
39 On Church-33.972949225.5897021
The Kloof Guest House-33.968760025.5948100
Buckingham Place-33.957446125.5947542
Oak Tree Cottage-33.977526425.5803414
Myrls Place-33.972673425.5928639
Urban Manor Guesthouse-33.958004425.5961037
Eden Road Guest Suites-33.953521225.5925636
Mount Lodge Guest House-33.957354825.5960043
Sylvesters Guest House-33.960131225.5977596
De Herbergh Guest House-33.952560325.5668694
The Garden Cottage-33.974198725.5943305
Saunders Guest House-33.954530025.5960400
Ermas Place-33.946564525.5812674
Garden Cottage-33.980990625.5818205
Villa Chameleon-33.978448525.5911697
Hallack Manor Guest House-33.965588725.6009915
King Georges Guest House-33.962183025.6010583
Palm Springs Guest House-33.968704225.6003801
Hotels in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Bay Lodge-33.959335725.5985442
Ibhayi Guest Lodge-33.979813625.5827711
Librarys in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Walmer Library-33.978259625.5845029
Petrol Stations in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in LinksideLatitude Longitude
St John the Baptist-33.975645625.5846488
NG Patmos-33.959765125.5997355
Newton Park N.G. Church-33.953558125.5631054
Police Stations in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Walmer Police Station-33.978854725.5847224
Pre-schools in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Walmer Pre Primary School-33.974019925.5856299
Pubs in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Blinking Owl-33.949245725.5673839
Restaurants in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Silver Lantern-33.957490025.5936687
The Coachman-33.958830025.5972500
So French-33.949620025.5676000
Schools in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Linkside High School-33.963477125.5787712
Westview High School-33.957239925.5769999
Clarendon Park Primary-33.973345825.5865994
Grey Boys High School-33.961209725.5951708
Grey Junior School-33.961595825.5968756
Take Aways in LinksideLatitude Longitude
Wimpy (The Bridge)-33.949440825.5737114
KwaiLok Chinese-33.949662725.5692747
King Pie-33.948758725.5712301
La Festa-33.949105925.5690604
Tourist Attractions in LinksideLatitude Longitude
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