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Lindley Attractions and Distance Calculations
Lindley is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Lindley
Direct Distance from Lindley to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 516 Km
Direct Distance from Lindley to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 481 Km
Direct Distance from Lindley to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1270 Km
Direct Distance from Lindley to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 692 Km
Direct Distance from Lindley to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 460 Km
Direct Distance from Lindley to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 471 Km
Direct Distance from Lindley to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 609 Km
Direct Distance from Lindley to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 662 Km
Roads Near Lindley
Roads / Streets in LindleyRoad Length
106081 Street 057m
106136 Street 189m
106138 Street 158m
106148 Street 839m
106162 Street 079m
106171 Street 11m
107614 Street 272m
107616 Street 389m
107624 Street 055m
107625 Street 077m
107626 Street 635m
107627 Street 192m
107628 Street 123m
107629 Street 313m
107630 Street 356m
107635 Street 259m
107636 Street 1.231Km
107644 Street 13m
107645 Street 073m
107646 Street 064m
107647 Street 071m
107648 Street 125m
108762 Street 417m
108763 Street 256m
108765 Street 179m
108766 Street 083m
108767 Street 121m
108768 Street 661m
108769 Street 15m
108770 Street 321m
108771 Street 77m
108772 Street 102m
108773 Street 134m
108776 Street 552m
108780 Street 393m
108782 Street 135m
108784 Street 074m
108800 Street 314m
108842 Street 172m
108977 Street 16m
108978 Street 073m
109467 Street 09m
109470 Street 689m
109472 Street 4.197Km
109765 Street 982m
109767 Street 123m
109768 Street 113m
109769 Street 041m
109770 Street 061m
109771 Street 033m
109772 Street 041m
109773 Street 038m
109774 Street 047m
109775 Street 076m
109776 Street 067m
109777 Street 063m
109778 Street 368m
109779 Street 15m
109780 Street 053m
109781 Street 192m
109782 Street 108m
109783 Street 083m
109784 Street 033m
109785 Street 063m
109786 Street 446m
109789 Street 072m
109790 Street 137m
109791 Street 098m
109817 Street 125m
109844 Street 305m
109845 Street 141m
109846 Street 076m
109847 Street 129m
109848 Street 276m
109849 Street 339m
109850 Street 247m
109851 Street 121m
109852 Street 123m
109853 Street 08m
109854 Street 08m
109855 Street 062m
109856 Street 072m
109857 Street 072m
109858 Street 078m
109859 Street 102m
109860 Street 269m
109861 Street 081m
109862 Street 05m
109863 Street 041m
109864 Street 047m
109865 Street 083m
120300 Street 052m
120326 Street 055m
120350 Street 037m
121833 Street 194m
121834 Street 18m
121836 Street 042m
121837 Street 058m
121838 Street 042m
121898 Street 588m
121899 Street 427m
121900 Street 61m
121901 Street 174m
122066 Street 024m
122067 Street 532m
122068 Street 11m
122069 Street 049m
122070 Street 054m
122071 Street 056m
122072 Street 093m
122073 Street 062m
122074 Street 25m
122075 Street 106m
122076 Street 211m
122091 Street 567m
122092 Street 418m
122093 Street 198m
122094 Street 181m
122095 Street 11m
122096 Street 077m
122097 Street 075m
122098 Street 058m
122099 Street 102m
122100 Street 04m
122101 Street 069m
122102 Street 115m
122103 Street 113m
122104 Street 096m
122105 Street 099m
122106 Street 105m
122107 Street 036m
122108 Street 031m
122109 Street 021m
122110 Street 027m
122111 Street 031m
122112 Street 046m
122113 Street 068m
122114 Street 185m
122117 Street 309m
122118 Street 023m
300148 Street 146m
300149 Street 246m
300150 Street 159m
48556 Track 254m
48557 Track 681m
48558 Track 182m
48559 Track 401m
48567 Track 347m
48570 Track 126m
48575 Track 167m
48597 Track 379m
48598 Track 071m
610336 Street 154m
83884 Track 234m
A3821 948m
Abelusi Walk 072m
Amadumbe Walk 089m
Amakati Walk 075m
Amazambane Walk 044m
Asikhuthale Way 066m
Asithuthuke Way 081m
Bhekimpilo Road 249m
Bhele Avenue 54m
Bhubesi Drive 932m
Chakide Cresent 172m
D1500 509m
D1501 492m
Dlamini Lane 073m
Gagasi Road 273m
Gatsheni Lane 065m
Gijima Walk 074m
Goba Road 64m
Gwababa Avenue 287m
Gwinsi Drive 185m
Heshane Road 981m
Hlalele Road 485m
Hlanganani Road 275m
Hlokohloko Drive 309m
Idube Road 115m
Igalonci Way 138m
Igqeba Walk 083m
Ikhabe Walk 105m
Iklabishi Walk 103m
Imbijana Way 053m
Imbila Road 138m
Imifino Walk 083m
Impala Cresent 113m
Impunzi Walk 631m
Imvu Road 073m
Imvubu Road 147m
Ingwe Drive 264m
Inhlalo Enhle Way 023m
Injabulo Way 04m
Intokozo Way 049m
Iselwa Walk 179m
Ishaladi Walk 279m
Isolozi Walk 126m
Ithanga Walk 119m
Iwundlu Way 075m
Izindlubu Walk 047m
Izinja Zami Grove 122m
Jabulani Road 259m
Jakalase Road 107m
Kudu Road 089m
Kwamashu Highway 069m
Lwazi Avenue 27m
Majuba Road 08m
Mangena Road 47m
Mashonisa Road 183m
Masicebe Way 414m
Masikhule Way 327m
Masisebenze Way 206m
Matshana Road 7.444Km
Mbabala Cresent 164m
Mfundo Road 05m
Mkhoma Road 1.015Km
Mpala Walk 073m
Mpangele Cresent 222m
Mpisi Grove 082m
Mpunzi Place 152m
Mtusuma Main Road 14m
Mvundla Avenue 167m
Ndlovu Drive 245m
Ngcede Place 113m
Ngqeqe Avenue 665m
Ngungumbane Road 572m
Nhlwathi Cresent 359m
Nkalankatha Way 153m
Nkawu Road 114m
Nkonka Drive 212m
Nkonkoni Road 608m
Nkonyane Road 169m
Nkululeko Road 168m
Nsele Avenue 168m
Nswempe Close 522m
Ntibane Cresent 431m
Ntiyane Road 253m
Ntuthuko Road 605m
Nyala Place 122m
Nyamazane Walk 025m
Nyathi Road 256m
Nyengelezi Avenue 261m
P138 062m
Papiyana Lane 055m
Phakama Close 133m
Pheza Road 126m
Phezulu Road 3m
Phithi Avenue 17m
Phothwe Place 127m
Qedusizi Road 185m
Savuka Road 215m
Senzakahle Walk 426m
Shayamoya Cresent 079m
Sidudla Road 667m
Sigananda Place 359m
Sihlangene Way 077m
Simunye Grove 277m
Siyabonisana Walk 136m
Siyachela Way 06m
Siyahlakula Way 112m
Siyahlonipha Way 045m
Siyalalelana Walk 068m
Siyalima Way 109m
Siyanikela Way 087m
Siyanqoba Road 164m
Siyasebenza Walk 15m
Siyathokoza Close 209m
Siyathuthuka Road 15m
Siyatshala Way 164m
Siyavuna Way 182m
Siyazama Road 19m
Siyeza Close 17m
Sizimele Way 073m
Skhephu Road 198m
Thalalisa Road 073m
Thandaza Road 188m
Ucadolo Walk 149m
Udali Grove 132m
Udlubu Walk 055m
Ugagane Way 054m
Umgoga Walk 147m
Umhlwampunzi Way 061m
Umklele Walk 075m
Ummbila Walk 108m
Umnungwane Way 165m
Umsimbithi Way 044m
Umzingeli Walk 138m
Unogwaja Walk 12m
Uphizi Walk 086m
Utamatisi Walk 062m
Uzwathi Walk 115m
Valelisa Road 186m
Vulamehlo Road 171m
Zabalaza Road 345m
Zenzele Grove 03m
Zinyane Road 752m
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