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Lenasia South Attractions and Distance Calculations
Lenasia South is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Lenasia South
Distance from Lenasia South to Far East Rand Hospital - Theatre
Distance from Lenasia South to Newtown Junction
Distance from Lenasia South to Newtown
Roads Near Lenasia South
Roads / Streets in Lenasia SouthRoad Length
Albany Street 739m
Ashford Street 157m
Baker Street 362m
Barnet Street 574m
Bayswater Street 205m
Bedford Street 2.466Km
Bond Street 27m
Canna Street 128m
Crane Road 126m
Dahlia Street 237m
Flamingo Street 28m
Grouse lane 249m
Hamerkop Lane 1m
Hamilton Cresent 49m
Hammond Lane 196m
Hampton Street 706m
Hanover Street 501m
Harrow Cresent 307m
Hyde Street 214m
Imperial Street 688m
Ivy Road 719m
Jay Road 048m
Kanarie Road 44m
Kensington Cresent 373m
Kent Cresent 257m
Kingfisher Street 874m
Lancaster Road 1.113Km
Lark Street 653m
Liverpool Street 1.165Km
Loerie Lane 079m
Lyster Street 23m
Manchester Crescent 373m
Milkwood Street 1.267Km
Newton Crescent 272m
Orchid Road 299m
Oxford Crescent 482m
Paddington Street 118m
Parliament Street 439m
Poppy Road 367m
regent lane 151m
Richmond Street 244m
Starling Road 1.378Km
Stormvoel Crescent 473m
Tulip Road 192m
Verulam Street 094m
Wellington Drive 2.084Km
Wimbledon Road 6.573Km
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