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Lavender Hill Attractions and Distance Calculations
Lavender Hill is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Lavender Hill
Direct Distance from Lavender Hill to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1314 Km
Direct Distance from Lavender Hill to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1268 Km
Direct Distance from Lavender Hill to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1271 Km
Direct Distance from Lavender Hill to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 654 Km
Direct Distance from Lavender Hill to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 916 Km
Direct Distance from Lavender Hill to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1537 Km
Direct Distance from Lavender Hill to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 840 Km
Direct Distance from Lavender Hill to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1552 Km
Roads Near Lavender Hill
Roads / Streets in Lavender HillRoad Length
Amatola Way 058m
Ashley Crescent 237m
Aster Road 282m
Bassoon Street 388m
Beethoven Road 16m
Berg Street 382m
Blode Close 234m
Blode Street 338m
Bonteberg Road 068m
Botma Street 683m
Cedarberg Road 23m
Church Circle 51m
Claasen Road 183m
Cradock Road 1.117Km
Dahlia Road 216m
Daisy Road 243m
Darling Road 049m
Dassie Road 307m
Davids Road 148m
Dawn Road 132m
Dennis Avenue 095m
Denyssen Road 112m
Depsiton Crescent 1.335Km
Disa Road 306m
Doring Road 421m
Drakensberg Way 23m
Drury Road 53m
Dune Road 046m
Ebb Road 112m
Eltister Road 074m
Epsten Crescent 174m
Epsten Hof 391m
Epsten Road 651m
Erasmus Hof 042m
Falcon 282m
Finch Crescent 143m
Flamingo 162m
Fontein Road 109m
Francolin Crescent 322m
Frederick Road 402m
Gladiola Road 563m
Grindal Avenue 1.299Km
Grindal Close 066m
Grindal Crescent 326m
Gumtree Road 07m
Harley Street 113m
Harmony Road 384m
Hilary Close 342m
Hilary Drive 57m
Hillview Avenue 253m
Hornbill 158m
Ipsting Road 099m
Jappie Road 106m
Joan Road 071m
Jonathan Road 111m
Kamiesberg Road 188m
Kingfisher 165m
Klarinet Avenue 147m
Klavier Street 491m
Kornet Avenue 113m
Langeberg Road 348m
Lebombo Way 144m
Lily Way 118m
Magaliesberg Road 145m
Maluti Street 122m
Melody Square 333m
Military Road 1.489Km
Mirbey Road 433m
Mossie 187m
Muritz Close 035m
Muritz Place 048m
Neville Riley Road 267m
Orchid Street 193m
Outeniqua Street 122m
Peach Road 311m
Penguin 163m
Philemon Road 565m
Philmau Road 084m
Piccolo Street 381m
Pilansberg Road 081m
Potberg Road 16m
Prince George Drive 4.153Km
Protea Way 108m
Puffin Crescent 157m
Quail Crescent 158m
Rifstone Road 119m
Rooibekkie Street 193m
Roos Road 124m
Rose Street 213m
Seemeeu Crescent 242m
Shepherd Way 226m
Shrike Crescent 16m
Sneeuberg Road 08m
Sonata Street 108m
Southern Hills Drive 415m
Soutpansberg Road 224m
Spoonbill 481m
Spurwing Avenue 108m
St Agatha Crescent 48m
St Agatha Street 143m
St Agnes Street 095m
St Aidan Road 095m
St Alban Street 095m
St Albert Road 106m
St Alexander Circle 457m
St Alexis Road 074m
St Ambrose Circle 516m
St Andrew Road 074m
St Anne Street 08m
St Anthony Road 055m
St Augustine Road 274m
St Barbara Road 228m
St Barnabas Road 204m
St Bartholomew Road 203m
St Basil Street 097m
St Beatrice Street 097m
St Bede Street 097m
St Benedict Street 181m
St Bernard Crescent 683m
St Blaise Crescent 242m
St Blaise Street 252m
St Bonaface Road 427m
St Bonaventure Road 279m
St Brendan Road 133m
St Bridget Street 116m
St Bruno Road 098m
St Catherine Road 081m
St Cecilia Street 295m
St Charles Road 279m
St Christopher Avenue 988m
St Cosmos Road 037m
St Edward Avenue 608m
St Edward Road 581m
St Irene Road 237m
St Laurence Close 024m
St Linus Close 022m
St Louis Close 022m
St Lucina Close 022m
St Lucy Close 025m
St Luke Close 031m
St Patrick Avenue 1.185Km
St Peter Avenue 438m
St Philip Street 086m
St Ralph Road 085m
St Raymond Road 099m
St Regis Road 1m
St Richard Road 1m
St Robert Lane 049m
St Robert Road 364m
St Sebastian Street 221m
St Simon Street 296m
St Stainlas Street 148m
St Stephen Avenue 467m
St Swithin Road 43m
St Theresa Crescent 237m
St Thomas Road 309m
St Timothy Street 199m
St Titus Crescent 598m
St Urban Street 166m
St Ursula Close 021m
St Ursula Street 2m
St Valentine Close 031m
St Victor Close 028m
St Vincent Lane 048m
St Wenceslas Close 13m
St Wenceslas Street 429m
St Williams Crescent 268m
St Williams Street 303m
St Winifred Street 092m
St. Lucia Crescent 364m
Stienie Weg 071m
Stormvoel Square 133m
Sugarbird Crescent 159m
Sunflower Road 089m
Swallow Crescent 194m
Swift Road 119m
Tafelberg Road 468m
Thys Witbooi Road 73m
Trevor Siljeur Road 737m
Trompet Street 199m
Tsitsikamma Way 081m
Urfield Road 12m
Welton Street 121m
Wilmar Street 163m
Winterberg Road 039m
Witsenberg Road 11m
Woodpecker Street 358m
Woodwind Circle 369m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Lavender Hill and their distance from Lavender Hill
charitys in Lavender HillLatitude Longitude
The Link-34.083531418.4812470
Living Hope-34.086401518.4831996
Chemists in Lavender HillLatitude Longitude
Librarys in Lavender HillLatitude Longitude
Vrygrond Library-34.083122618.4838262
Petrol Stations in Lavender HillLatitude Longitude
Post Offices in Lavender HillLatitude Longitude
Capricorn Postoffice-34.088644918.4815500
Schools in Lavender HillLatitude Longitude
Capricorn Primary School-34.084153418.4872165
Stations in Lavender HillLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in Lavender HillLatitude Longitude
Fishermans Lane-34.088664018.4816309
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