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Laudium Attractions and Distance Calculations
Laudium is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Laudium
Distance from laudium to Brits
Distance from Laudium to Lyttelton Manor
Roads Near Laudium
Roads / Streets in LaudiumRoad Length
11th Avenue 213m
14th Avenue 51m
15th Avenue 521m
16th Avenue 146m
17th Avenue 213m
18th Avenue 442m
19th Avenue 034m
1st Avenue 492m
25th Avenue 23m
26th Avenue 077m
27th Avenue 079m
28th Avenue 077m
29th Avenue 091m
2nd Avenue 1.359Km
30th Avenue 156m
31st Avenue 071m
32nd Avenue 086m
33rd Avenue 102m
34th Avenue 082m
35th Avenue 077m
36th Avenue 079m
37th Avenue 191m
38th Avenue 083m
39th Avenue 089m
40th Avenue 118m
41st Avenue 169m
42nd Avenue 082m
43rd Avenue 183m
44th Avenue 084m
45th Avenue 09m
46th Avenue 092m
47th Avenue 095m
48th Avenue 085m
49th Avenue 089m
4th Avenue 22m
5th Avenue 1.017Km
6th Avenue 297m
8th Avenue 211m
9th Avenue 365m
Agra Street East 868m
Agra Street West 614m
Apex Crescent 044m
Aquamarine Street 699m
Bengal Street 3.206Km
Brown Street 52m
Carmine Street 367m
Cinnamon Street 262m
Citroen Street 228m
Clove Street 281m
Corundum Street 332m
Crimson Street 354m
Cuprene Street 1.064Km
Emerald Street 1.161Km
Eosin Street 047m
Garnet Street 334m
Gem Street 272m
Green Avenue 072m
Grey Street 24m
Heliodor Street 354m
Himalaya Street 3.885Km
Indigo Street 53m
Ivory Street 275m
Jacinth Street 438m
Jade Street 412m
Jet Street 287m
Jewel Street 1.566Km
Lilac Street 251m
Lime Street 21m
Lotus Street 325m
Marble Street 566m
Mendhi Street 5m
Mink Street 593m
Mocha Street 194m
Moonstone Street 211m
Mustard Street 329m
Navy Street 061m
Olive Avenue 066m
Olivine Street 148m
Onyx Street 426m
Pearl Street 562m
Pendant Street 481m
Primrose Street 451m
Salmon Street 211m
Sapphire Street 369m
Scarlett Street 115m
Sepia Street 194m
Taj Street 3.367Km
Tangerine Street 466m
Turquoise Street 435m
Umber Street 429m
Verdite Street 075m
Zenith Crescent 085m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Laudium and their distance from Laudium
Place of Worships in LaudiumLatitude Longitude
Ayyappa Temple-25.788495028.1023032
Schools in LaudiumLatitude Longitude
Laudium Primary School-25.787188628.1007639
Central Islamic School-25.789255928.1002382
Laudium Secondary School-25.788386528.0983714
Jacaranda Primary School-25.793351828.1004635
Sunrise School-25.789330628.1109291
Tshwane Muslim School-25.796240028.0966400
Swimming Pools in LaudiumLatitude Longitude
Laudium Swimming Pool-25.784387028.1042186
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