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Labram Attractions and Distance Calculations
Labram is a suburb in South Africa, Northern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Labram
Direct Distance from Labram to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 475 Km
Direct Distance from Labram to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 430 Km
Direct Distance from Labram to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 832 Km
Direct Distance from Labram to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 619 Km
Direct Distance from Labram to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 585 Km
Direct Distance from Labram to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 147 Km
Direct Distance from Labram to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 715 Km
Direct Distance from Labram to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 713 Km
Roads Near Labram
Roads / Streets in LabramRoad Length
Birbeck 649m
Bishops 1.021Km
Boys High 473m
Cohen 202m
Dalham 615m
Edmeades 341m
Fraser 14m
Henry Schmidt 169m
Hicks 171m
Kekewich 1.569Km
Law 351m
Lawson 525m
Lyndhurst 841m
Memorial 1.815Km
Ortlepp 317m
Pienaar 214m
Scanlan 113m
Synagogue 845m
Uitzicht 443m
Voortrekker 336m
Welgevonden 316m
William Gasson 427m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Labram and their distance from Labram
Cellphone Towers in LabramLatitude Longitude
Microwave Tower-28.744690124.7491550
Chemists in LabramLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in LabramLatitude Longitude
Fire Stations in LabramLatitude Longitude
Hospitals in LabramLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Hospital-28.746422624.7715556
Hotels in LabramLatitude Longitude
Bishops Lodge-28.751975024.7656292
Formula One-28.756866024.7630886
The Kimberley Club-28.741005524.7656803
The Horseshoe Motel-28.766459324.7554497
Information Centres in LabramLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Tourist Info-28.746469124.7652064
Lookout Points in LabramLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Mine-28.739059024.7560400
De Beers Mine-28.736865024.7735617
Museums in LabramLatitude Longitude
Cape Police Memorial-28.745834024.7775478
Parkings in LabramLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Club parking-28.741734324.7656162
Petrol Stations in LabramLatitude Longitude
Pubs in LabramLatitude Longitude
The Kimberley Club-28.740868924.7658966
Occidental Bar-28.738737924.7553209
Australian Arms-28.738286124.7546147
Star of the West-28.736177424.7546930
Restaurants in LabramLatitude Longitude
The Kimberley Club-28.740823124.7656911
Schools in LabramLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Junior-28.754631224.7673803
Kimberley Boys High-28.749868124.7693973
Diamentveld High-28.751569324.7706472
Staats Primary-28.758774124.7715699
Stations in LabramLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in LabramLatitude Longitude
Taxi Ranks in LabramLatitude Longitude
Mini Bus Taxi Rank-28.741120424.7620863
Theatres in LabramLatitude Longitude
Northern Cape Theatre-28.745519624.7696129
Tourist Attractions in LabramLatitude Longitude
Honoured Dead Memorial-28.751314724.7694178
Diggers Fountain-28.744220624.7677231
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