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Labiance Attractions and Distance Calculations
Labiance is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Labiance
Direct Distance from Labiance to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1290 Km
Direct Distance from Labiance to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1244 Km
Direct Distance from Labiance to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1250 Km
Direct Distance from Labiance to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 638 Km
Direct Distance from Labiance to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 893 Km
Direct Distance from Labiance to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1514 Km
Direct Distance from Labiance to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 816 Km
Direct Distance from Labiance to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1528 Km
Roads Near Labiance
Roads / Streets in LabianceRoad Length
Alleyne Street 359m
Alliance Street 427m
Arlington Avenue 173m
Athlone Street 498m
Atomic Street 187m
Barkley Laan 143m
Berol Street 169m
Bryan Street 082m
Carinus Street 1.077Km
Col Cresswell Avenue 555m
College Road 612m
Damons Street 064m
Dorelle Street 079m
Electron Street 486m
Epstein Street 273m
Glenhaven Avenue 1.064Km
Hobson Street 087m
Kasselsvlei Road 132m
Keuka Street 232m
La Belle Road 2.178Km
Labiance Street 885m
Moerdyk Street 231m
Neutron Street 308m
Peter Barlow Drive 832m
Pierneef Street 08m
Proton Crescent 384m
Rue Emmy Road 455m
Rue Robert Street 263m
Ruth Street 09m
Sangiro Street 096m
Saul Street 21m
Schubert Street 062m
Sonnendal Street 045m
Steinberg Street 259m
Uranium Street 1.192Km
Van Wouw Street 298m
Villa Pensione Road 08m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Labiance and their distance from Labiance
Police Stations in LabianceLatitude Longitude
Bellville South SAPS-33.915210318.6465669
Schools in LabianceLatitude Longitude
Sarepta High-33.927069318.6661187
Kuils River Primary-33.926374918.6684468
Stations in LabianceLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in LabianceLatitude Longitude
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