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KwaNobuhle 4 Attractions and Distance Calculations
KwaNobuhle 4 is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from KwaNobuhle 4
Direct Distance from KwaNobuhle 4 to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 937 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNobuhle 4 to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 884 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNobuhle 4 to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 643 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNobuhle 4 to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 690 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNobuhle 4 to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 528 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNobuhle 4 to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1073 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNobuhle 4 to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 568 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNobuhle 4 to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1171 Km
Roads Near KwaNobuhle 4
Roads / Streets in KwaNobuhle 4Road Length
Bqubuhle Street 446m
Dabaza Street 454m
De Bruin Street 163m
Diniso Street 216m
Dlala Street 448m
Dwangu Street 337m
Galela Street 451m
Godolozi Street 507m
H. Pieterson Street 478m
Hashe Street 284m
J.W. Faku Street 517m
Jobo Street 325m
Kinikini Street 519m
Kobese Street 432m
Kopo Street 348m
Kwatsha Street 688m
Leve Street 06m
Madlavu Street 173m
Maduba Street 153m
Mahlahla Street 349m
Majola Street 302m
Majombozi Road 68m
Makuleni Street 33m
Mancapa Street 224m
Manziya Street 4m
Mapela Street 211m
Matebese Street 231m
Mbengo Road 838m
Mbunge Street 321m
Mgwanza Street 326m
Miyo Street 185m
Mkoko Street 471m
Mni Street 148m
Mondile Crescent 1.172Km
Mventshana Street 502m
Ncane Street 054m
Ncqondela Street 425m
Ndongana Street 341m
Ngohona Street 202m
Ngoyi Street 234m
Ngqekeza Street 224m
Njomba Street 259m
Nkombisa Street 267m
Noda Street 168m
Ntamo Street 226m
Ntlemeza Street 25m
Ntshali Street 4m
Nyanda Street 1.24Km
Nyengane Street 197m
Nyiki Street 213m
Nzewuza Street 165m
Pakana Street 142m
Patsha Street 292m
Pityana Street 1.586Km
Sididi Street 343m
Sizane Street 177m
Sobukwe Street 519m
Sogwayi Street 169m
Solilo Street 228m
Songwiqi Street 434m
Stokwe Street 228m
Stuurman Street 228m
Tati Street 176m
Tufane Street 307m
Twalingca Street 288m
Vasi Street 238m
Zicwele Street 171m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in KwaNobuhle 4 and their distance from KwaNobuhle 4
Community Centres in KwaNobuhle 4Latitude Longitude
Jeff Masemola Hall-33.818963125.3939101
Babs Madlakane Hall-33.808628125.3957642
Schools in KwaNobuhle 4Latitude Longitude
Mzamomhle Special School-33.818153025.3941348
Hombakazi Primary School-33.820367925.3919242
V M Kwinana SS School-33.822205025.3910642
Tinara Secondary School-33.811682525.3968357
Phakamile Primary School-33.821211125.3868055
Solomon Mahlangu SS-33.811556325.3857472
Nosipho Primary School-33.822579325.4004822
Magqabi Primary School-33.825352425.3917692
Sikhothina Primary School-33.824434925.3864752
Phaphani Secondary School-33.821889825.4036374
J N Tulwana JP School-33.809803025.3820532
Melumzi Primary School-33.826419025.4038582
Mthonjeni SP School-33.804097025.3869468
Phindubuye Primary School-33.830483125.3980645
Mjuleni JP School-33.812578525.3759699
Sisonke SS School-33.831491025.3987705
Molly Blackburn SS School-33.831667125.3859854
Ntlemeza Primary School-33.802971825.4023637
R H Godlo SP School-33.804514425.3778925
Nokwezi Primary School-33.828775925.3768382
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