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KwaNdengezi Attractions and Distance Calculations
KwaNdengezi is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from KwaNdengezi
Direct Distance from KwaNdengezi to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 522 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNdengezi to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 485 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNdengezi to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1249 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNdengezi to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 670 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNdengezi to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 447 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNdengezi to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 487 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNdengezi to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 596 Km
Direct Distance from KwaNdengezi to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 674 Km
Roads Near KwaNdengezi
Roads / Streets in KwaNdengeziRoad Length
211588 Street 374m
211601 Street 758m
211700 Street 077m
211701 Street 076m
211741 Street 065m
211744 Street 375m
211745 Street 168m
211746 Street 147m
211747 Street 032m
211748 Street 031m
211749 Street 049m
211750 Street 04m
211751 Street 044m
211752 Street 032m
71001 Track 36m
71002 Track 446m
75107 Track 121m
75108 Track 246m
75109 Track 243m
75124 Track 079m
75129 Track 269m
75130 Track 145m
75131 Track 269m
75132 Track 146m
75133 Track 202m
75135 Track 108m
75136 Track 117m
75137 Track 055m
75138 Track 172m
75139 Track 411m
75140 Track 599m
75141 Track 201m
75142 Track 077m
75143 Track 11m
75144 Track 099m
75146 Track 439m
75147 Track 28m
75148 Track 309m
75149 Track 097m
75150 Track 059m
75181 Track 583m
75182 Track 939m
75209 Track 31m
75210 Track 427m
75218 Track 224m
Biko Road 153m
Cele Road 306m
Desai Cresent 1.142Km
Dzanibe Street 221m
Emandleni Street 148m
Emaromini Road 311m
Juba Road 813m
Khanyile Road 459m
Khuphoni Road 344m
Khwezi Cresent 679m
Lamula Road 464m
Mahlase Road 453m
Makhathini Drive 954m
Malandela Road 165m
Margaret Road 332m
Maviyo Road 461m
Mdoni Road 404m
Mgano Street 051m
Mkhiwane Cresent 929m
Mokoena Road 333m
Moloi Road 275m
Mpala Road 766m
Mpangele Drive 2.568Km
Mpumelelo Street 235m
Msinga Place 027m
Msinsi Place 047m
Mthombeni Place 069m
Mtolo Road 374m
Mzwilili Cresent 889m
Ndonsa Road 314m
Njiko Road 243m
Nkankane Road 221m
Nkanyezi Street 111m
Nkonjane Street 27m
Nkonyane Road 445m
Nsingizi Road 421m
Nyala Place 037m
Po Street 152m
Sakabuli Road 153m
Sipho Street 243m
Sithole Road 508m
Siwa Khile Cresent 996m
Tambo Cresent 483m
Thekwane Place 033m
Thembeni Road 333m
Thendele Road 1.486Km
Thulani Street 198m
Tom Tom Road 1.781Km
Vemane Street 142m
Zenzele Place 237m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in KwaNdengezi and their distance from KwaNdengezi
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