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KwaMevana Attractions and Distance Calculations
KwaMevana is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from KwaMevana
Direct Distance from KwaMevana to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 462 Km
Direct Distance from KwaMevana to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 423 Km
Direct Distance from KwaMevana to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1219 Km
Direct Distance from KwaMevana to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 663 Km
Direct Distance from KwaMevana to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 390 Km
Direct Distance from KwaMevana to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 453 Km
Direct Distance from KwaMevana to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 538 Km
Direct Distance from KwaMevana to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 627 Km
Roads Near KwaMevana
Roads / Streets in KwaMevanaRoad Length
Albany Grove 253m
Berea Road 716m
Breamar Crescent 654m
Campbell Road 515m
Falls Drive 658m
Gazala Road 112m
Harvard Street 1.129Km
Hillbrow Road 507m
Hlase Street 214m
Kwamevava Street 1.547Km
Mbhenze Street 858m
Meadow Road 154m
Mngadi Street 091m
Monty Road 461m
Morling Street 923m
Mthunzi Street 569m
Ndlovo Street 379m
Oakleigh Drive 911m
Offenbert Steet 133m
Power Lane 148m
Ridge Road 1.194Km
Rosebank Road 375m
Rylands Road 706m
Shepstone Street 452m
Shortlands 183m
Slipway 038m
Sokhela Street 084m
Sokhesibone Street 169m
Surrey Lane 131m
Theed Street 329m
Thembe Ndlovo Street 112m
Tobruk Road 14m
Victory Road 211m
Winston Road 081m
Winton Mews 063m
Woodburn Road 197m
Zeederburg Road 499m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in KwaMevana and their distance from KwaMevana
Banks in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Chemists in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Fairways Pharmacy-29.496734230.2337177
Courthouses in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Howick Courts-29.487576030.2313240
Doctors in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Howick West Clinic-29.506162630.2297458
Fire Stations in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Howick Fire Station-29.482908030.2272908
Guest Houses in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Eagles Country Lodges-29.494335430.2190821
Nutmeg Guest House-29.482851530.2285364
Bieggie Best Cotages-29.480785530.2221737
Impangele B&B-29.487126730.2083966
Hospitals in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Howick Clinic-29.487228030.2316820
Umgeni Hospital-29.500574530.2330217
Howick Private Hospital-29.477183430.2185956
Librarys in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Howick Library-29.483333130.2342712
Lookout Points in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Howick Falls-29.485358830.2379931
Nursery Schools in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Howick Pre-primary-29.487127330.2237196
Place of Worships in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Howick Town Masjid-29.484030830.2334880
Christ Chuch-29.479463130.2307003
Howick West Masjid-29.509809430.2245538
Post Offices in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Howick 3290-29.483165130.2312107
Schools in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Nogquhaza Primary School-29.492004730.2297475
Unjulaba High School-29.490700630.2301159
Howick Preparatory School-29.488927030.2242770
Howick Water Classroom-29.497519830.2174193
Take Aways in KwaMevanaLatitude Longitude
Pizza Perfect-29.496845230.2333322
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