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KwaMashu Attractions and Distance Calculations
KwaMashu is a town in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from KwaMashu
Distance from KwaMashu to Inanda
Distance from KwaMashu to Maponya Mall
Distance from KwaMashu to Meet Mekaar Resorts
Distance from KwaMashu to Newcastle
Distance from KwaMashu to Umlazi
Roads Near KwaMashu
Roads / Streets in KwaMashuRoad Length
106338 Street 466m
106339 Street 311m
106340 Street 301m
106351 Street 312m
106354 Street 2.061Km
106355 Street 326m
106356 Street 318m
106357 Street 347m
106358 Street 371m
106359 Street 193m
106369 Street 067m
106370 Street 043m
106420 Street 091m
106425 Street 214m
106426 Street 246m
109552 Street 045m
109553 Street 082m
109554 Street 08m
109555 Street 095m
120784 Street 091m
120801 Street 18m
120802 Street 271m
120803 Street 026m
120804 Street 028m
120805 Street 03m
120806 Street 032m
120807 Street 107m
120808 Street 617m
120889 Street 189m
120890 Street 24m
120891 Street 54m
120892 Street 271m
120893 Street 204m
120894 Street 101m
120895 Street 271m
120896 Street 138m
120897 Street 152m
121760 Street 207m
121761 Street 101m
121763 Street 018m
122055 Street 139m
122077 Street 134m
122078 Street 106m
122079 Street 049m
122080 Street 063m
122081 Street 056m
122082 Street 059m
Abaphaphi Close 099m
Amadada Cresent 1.014Km
Amagrapes Grove 21m
Amakhono Close 345m
Bhejane Road 2.154Km
Bhoko Road 586m
Boza Road 412m
Bunda Road 226m
Chakide Road 908m
Cibisholo Road 846m
Cibo Road 256m
Dondolo Road 107m
Egugwini Street 991m
Fukwe Road 464m
Gobhogobho Grove 318m
Gwinsi Road 145m
Ibhonsi Avenue 305m
Ibohlololo Drive 1.188Km
Iboza Avenue 205m
Ibunda Avenue 599m
Icubudwana Avenue 231m
Icubudwana Grove 112m
Igwici Avenue 061m
Imamba Road 408m
Imfingo Grove 139m
Impikayiboni Grove 913m
Ingwe Road 185m
Intulo Walk 384m
Intuthwane Close 102m
Inyanga Crl 327m
Inyazangoma Grove 116m
Inyoka Way 075m
Iqhawe Walk 071m
Isehlulamanye Grove 1m
Isijula Road 627m
Isiqunga Grove 053m
Iwisa Road 444m
Jozi Road 659m
Khozi Road 712m
Klolo Road 188m
Lomdoni Close 052m
Malandela Road 1.149Km
Manzini Road 072m
Mbondwe Road 2.013Km
Mdoni Road 993m
Mfene Place 191m
Mgonswane Road 641m
Mhlonhlo Road 492m
Mkhiwane Road 991m
Mkhombe Road 465m
Mkhonto Road 417m
Mkhovothi Road 539m
Mkhuhlu Road 255m
Mncaka Road 1.564Km
Mnungwane Road 409m
Mnyezane Road 687m
Mpala Avenue 668m
Mpofu Road 423m
Mpungushe Road 171m
Mpunzi Road 542m
Mqoqongo Road 311m
Msasane Road 158m
Msenge Road 097m
Msilinga Road 744m
Msimbithi Close 114m
Msimbithi Road 231m
Msinsi Avenue 275m
Mthini Road 795m
Mthombe Road 508m
Mthombothi Road 505m
Mtsinsi Road 723m
Munga Road 414m
Mvubu Road 139m
Mziki Road 088m
Mzonjani Road 921m
Ndlulamithi Road 217m
Ndondakusuka Road 93m
Ngcede Road 185m
Nkonka Road 1.057Km
Nkwali Road 32m
Nogwaja Road 262m
Nohemu Road 155m
Nolwazi Avenue 386m
Nondwayiza Road 658m
Nqayi Road 833m
Nqindi Road 139m
Nsepe Road 66m
Nswempe Road 153m
Ntengu Road 165m
Ntibane Road 221m
Ntsingizi Road 147m
Nyala Road 34m
Ochwepheshe Avenue 112m
Ogwava Lane 057m
Ongoti Avenue 439m
Phahla Road 25m
Qobolo Road 155m
Qola Road 172m
Richmond Main Road 911m
Sambane Road 167m
Sibhubhu Road 554m
Sibisi Road 1.527Km
Siviliba Road 087m
Sizenze Road 333m
Solwazi Crl 452m
Sundu Road 38m
Thendele Road 672m
Ubangalala Avenue 559m
Ubuchule Close 123m
Ubudokotela Close 067m
Ubuhlakane Close 232m
Ubulawu Grove 433m
Uchakide Avenue 771m
Udakwakusutha Road 453m
Udelunina Walk 137m
Uluthando Avenue 331m
Umathinta Drive 716m
Umayime Walk 179m
Umfusamvu Close 16m
Umkhiwane Grove 224m
Umkhoba Grove 085m
Umlahlankosi Circle 447m
Umlahleni Circle 639m
Umshiza Road 649m
Umtsinsi Walk 056m
Umvemve Close 411m
Umvuthuza Grove 075m
Undiyazana Grove 211m
Undlondlo Road 472m
Ungcede Cresent 465m
Unkungwini Grove 135m
Uqonsi Place 189m
Utshanibezwe Grove 137m
Vukuthu Road 474m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in KwaMashu and their distance from KwaMashu
Banks in KwaMashuLatitude Longitude
Ithala Bank-29.750013330.9715953
Standard Bank-29.747732330.9745340
Stations in KwaMashuLatitude Longitude
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