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Please help answer some questions about living in Kwa Nobuhle 8
Kwa Nobuhle 8 Attractions and Distance Calculations
Kwa Nobuhle 8 is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Kwa Nobuhle 8
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 8 to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 938 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 8 to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 885 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 8 to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 641 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 8 to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 692 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 8 to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 529 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 8 to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1075 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 8 to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 570 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 8 to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1173 Km
Roads Near Kwa Nobuhle 8
Roads / Streets in Kwa Nobuhle 8Road Length
1st Avenue 1.589Km
2nd Avenue 582m
4th Avenue 1.269Km
5th Avenue 367m
6th Avenue 604m
7th Avenue 324m
8th Avenue 313m
9th Avenue 497m
Amanzi Crescent 331m
Goliath Street 389m
Gqunukwebe Street 358m
Hlosi Street 592m
Hobe Crescent 438m
Ixwili Street 287m
Jamda Street 197m
Khala Crescent 429m
Kondile Street 469m
Kuncwayo Street 317m
Laurence Vinqi Road 1.124Km
Linotnxowa Crescent 248m
Linpasi Crescent 38m
Malotana Street 307m
Maneli Street 387m
Mendi Crescent 374m
Mhlonilo Crescent 514m
Mkgina Street 229m
Mkize Street 37m
Mlambo Crescent 32m
Moikela Crescent 308m
Moyi Street 251m
Mpofu Crescent 419m
Mqaqoba Crescent 273m
Mqonci Street 318m
Msedare Crescent 43m
Msenge 277m
Mtati Crescent 628m
Mzinzi Street 5m
Ncera Street 316m
Ndimeni Street 183m
Ngangomhlaba Crescent 445m
Ngaphi Street 33m
Ngcayicibi Street 313m
Ngcugcu Crescent 472m
Ngesi Street 327m
Ngeyakhe Street 621m
Ngkwekazi Street 341m
Ngonyama Crescent 206m
Nlala Street 13m
Nofemela Street 255m
Noziswe Street 19m
Ntethe Street 209m
Ntili Crescent 416m
Ntlabathi Street 309m
Ntsela Street 271m
Ntula Crescent 303m
Nxanxadi Street 339m
Nyibiba Crescent 247m
P. Kona Street 298m
P.J.Gomomo Street 426m
Qamaja Street 241m
Qukubana Street 328m
Rixana Street 344m
Sali Street 2m
Sarili Street 683m
Silika Street 211m
Siviwe Crescent 645m
Stemele Street 172m
Sume Street 204m
Sundunana Street 437m
Tsipingo Crescent 352m
Tsotsa Road 227m
Velile Street 273m
Yalola Street 283m
Zondani Street 379m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Kwa Nobuhle 8 and their distance from Kwa Nobuhle 8
Community Centres in Kwa Nobuhle 8Latitude Longitude
Jeff Masemola Hall-33.818963125.3939101
Schools in Kwa Nobuhle 8Latitude Longitude
Nokwezi Primary School-33.828775925.3768382
Molly Blackburn SS School-33.831667125.3859854
Sikhothina Primary School-33.824434925.3864752
Phakamile Primary School-33.821211125.3868055
Magqabi Primary School-33.825352425.3917692
V M Kwinana SS School-33.822205025.3910642
Hombakazi Primary School-33.820367925.3919242
Phindubuye Primary School-33.830483125.3980645
Mjuleni JP School-33.812578525.3759699
Mzamomhle Special School-33.818153025.3941348
Sisonke SS School-33.831491025.3987705
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