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Please help answer some questions about living in Kwa Nobuhle 7
Kwa Nobuhle 7 Attractions and Distance Calculations
Kwa Nobuhle 7 is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Kwa Nobuhle 7
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 7 to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 937 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 7 to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 884 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 7 to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 644 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 7 to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 690 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 7 to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 529 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 7 to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1074 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 7 to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 569 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 7 to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1171 Km
Roads Near Kwa Nobuhle 7
Roads / Streets in Kwa Nobuhle 7Road Length
3rd Avenue 1.203Km
Alex Crescent 312m
Antoni Crescent 255m
Bham Street 2m
Cacadu Crescent 384m
Cetu Crescent 347m
Dikiza Crescent 254m
Dlamini Crescent 358m
Fikile Crescent 229m
Fingwana Street 176m
Freemantle Street 515m
Gontshi Street 219m
Jayiya Street 847m
Jonas Street 453m
Kabase Street 151m
Kets Street 644m
Khanyisa Crescent 262m
Kika Street 167m
Kondlo Crescent 313m
Kwindla Street 152m
Langen Crescent 231m
Madaki Crescent 268m
Madiba Street 339m
Mahaluba Street 553m
Mahani Cresent 212m
Makapa Street 603m
Makiva Street 22m
Mavayi Street 282m
Mgibe Street 402m
Mhlaba Street 25m
Mkile Street 215m
Mojoka Street 937m
Msimbithi Crescent 149m
Mtakati Street 139m
Mtwaku Crescent 297m
Mtyingizane Street 683m
Nakani Street 113m
Nduluda Street 201m
Ntswalana Street 219m
Ntungwana Street 112m
Nxarana Street 973m
Nxukwebe Crescent 1.086Km
Phuku Street 674m
Pilani Ntsiko Road 1.558Km
Qabaka Crescent 064m
Sodom Crescent 249m
Somgxada Street 156m
Stephen Crescent 211m
Stofile Street 112m
Tapayi Street 31m
Teya Crescent 552m
Thu Street 586m
Toba Street 18m
Toyi Street 217m
Tyhume Crescent 561m
Vuba Crescent 406m
Xesibe Street 134m
Zinto Treet 1.54Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Kwa Nobuhle 7 and their distance from Kwa Nobuhle 7
Community Centres in Kwa Nobuhle 7Latitude Longitude
Jeff Masemola Hall-33.818963125.3939101
Babs Madlakane Hall-33.808628125.3957642
Schools in Kwa Nobuhle 7Latitude Longitude
Melumzi Primary School-33.826419025.4038582
Phaphani Secondary School-33.821889825.4036374
Nosipho Primary School-33.822579325.4004822
Phindubuye Primary School-33.830483125.3980645
Sisonke SS School-33.831491025.3987705
Magqabi Primary School-33.825352425.3917692
Mzamomhle Special School-33.818153025.3941348
Hombakazi Primary School-33.820367925.3919242
V M Kwinana SS School-33.822205025.3910642
Tinara Secondary School-33.811682525.3968357
Sikhothina Primary School-33.824434925.3864752
Phakamile Primary School-33.821211125.3868055
Molly Blackburn SS School-33.831667125.3859854
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