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Please help answer some questions about living in Kwa Nobuhle 2
Kwa Nobuhle 2 Attractions and Distance Calculations
Kwa Nobuhle 2 is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Kwa Nobuhle 2
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 2 to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 935 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 2 to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 882 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 2 to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 642 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 2 to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 689 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 2 to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 526 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 2 to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1072 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 2 to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 567 Km
Direct Distance from Kwa Nobuhle 2 to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1170 Km
Roads Near Kwa Nobuhle 2
Roads / Streets in Kwa Nobuhle 2Road Length
Anta Street 264m
Bangeni Street 233m
Bereng Road 888m
Bhobhoyi Street 218m
Bikhwe Street 222m
Bucwa Road 2.091Km
Daba Street 256m
Dalindyebo Avenue 321m
Dana Street 232m
Dano Street 206m
Dlala Avenue 189m
Dyafta Street 341m
Futshane Avenue 163m
Gwali Street 828m
Gwasha Avenue 288m
Gxiya Street 275m
Hintsa Avenue 1.095Km
Hlungulu Street 48m
Huna Street 62m
Jabavu Street 1.692Km
Jolobe Avenue 666m
Jongilanga Avenue 774m
Khama Street 822m
Khozi Avenue 276m
Lupuwana Street 261m
Mabandla Avenue 2.52Km
Madlakana Street 257m
Magqabi Crescent 425m
Makasi Street 146m
Makayi Street 27m
Makinana Street 161m
Makotshometa Street 189m
Mali Road 557m
Mama Street 358m
Mankazana Street 247m
Manyase Street 66m
Matana Street 235m
Matanzima Road 2.945Km
Matshaka Street 253m
Mbulawa Avenue 163m
Mcelu Street 217m
Mdledle Avenue 75m
Menze Crescent 18m
Mghaba Street 352m
Mghayi Street 263m
Mgolodela Crescent 779m
Mhala Street 234m
Mjikwa Crescent 26m
Mlanu Street 214m
Mmanga Avenue 222m
Mnamata Street 363m
Molapo Street 194m
Moroka Street 169m
Mpangele Avenue 536m
Mqaqa Street 113m
Mtana Street 188m
Mtengenya Street 351m
Mtingane Street 279m
Mtirara Avenue 807m
Mzamane Avenue 58m
Naples Street 177m
Ncede Avenue 275m
Nciniba Avenue 121m
Ndawo Street 288m
Ndlambe Street 368m
Ndlebe Street 183m
Ngamashe Street 283m
Ngani Road 25m
Ngolwane Avenue 275m
Ngqika Avenue 374m
Nkhulu Avenue 645m
Nkonjane Street 29m
Nkwali Avenue 232m
Ntambanane Street 44m
Ntloko Street 286m
Nxele Street 319m
Nyoka Street 283m
Oba Avenue 26m
Palo Street 556m
Phato Avenue 264m
Pilani Avenue 264m
Poswas Crescent 422m
Poto Avenue 317m
Qangule Street 111m
Qhoqho Street 287m
Rabusana Crescent 325m
Rarabe Avenue 318m
Rayi Avenue 227m
Relu Avenue 659m
Sandile Avenue 315m
Sangxa Street 463m
Setidisho Crescent 304m
Sewabe Street 285m
Siboni Avenue 382m
Sinxo Crescent 304m
Sisilana Crescent 314m
Siwani Crescent 383m
Siwasa Street 735m
Siwayi Crescent 246m
Siyo Crescent 27m
Sobhuza Avenue 32m
Soga Avenue 336m
Solundwana Crescent 347m
Tamasanqa Street 277m
Titi Street 139m
Tonjeni Street 274m
Tshaka Street 277m
Tshiwd Street 614m
Tyulu Street 286m
Xhalanga Street 145m
Xuma Avenue 223m
Yako Street 171m
Yalimani Street 231m
Zakumbo Street 185m
Zola Langa Street 241m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Kwa Nobuhle 2 and their distance from Kwa Nobuhle 2
Community Centres in Kwa Nobuhle 2Latitude Longitude
Babs Madlakane Hall-33.808628125.3957642
Jeff Masemola Hall-33.818963125.3939101
Schools in Kwa Nobuhle 2Latitude Longitude
Mthonjeni SP School-33.804097025.3869468
Vuba JP School-33.799969025.3849551
Mngcunube Primary School-33.799067925.3908853
J N Tulwana JP School-33.809803025.3820532
R H Godlo SP School-33.804514425.3778925
Solomon Mahlangu SS-33.811556325.3857472
Stephen Nkomo SP School-33.797842225.3969030
Tinara Secondary School-33.811682525.3968357
Ntlemeza Primary School-33.802971825.4023637
Mjuleni JP School-33.812578525.3759699
Mzamomhle Special School-33.818153025.3941348
Hombakazi Primary School-33.820367925.3919242
Phakamile Primary School-33.821211125.3868055
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