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Kommetjie Attractions and Distance Calculations
Kommetjie is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Kommetjie
Distance from Kommetjie to Beaufort West
Distance from Kommetjie to Cape Agulhas Municipality
Distance from Kommetjie to Cape Town City Centre
Distance from Kommetjie to Cape Town International Airport
Distance from Kommetjie to Jeffreys Bay
Distance from Kommetjie to Vanderbijlpark S. W. 5
Roads Near Kommetjie
Roads / Streets in KommetjieRoad Length
Africaner Avenue 262m
Aloe Road 059m
Arum Avenue 258m
Beach Road 262m
Beachcomber Bay 036m
Benning Drive 173m
Bitou Close 05m
Camphor Road 049m
Canary 036m
Clan Monroe Avenue 131m
De Villiers Street 344m
Diemar Road 093m
Disa Avenue 357m
Dreyer Road 245m
Duiker Drive 305m
Erica Road 114m
Fishermans Cove 042m
Flamingo Drive 299m
Forsyth Road 071m
Fuchsia Close 049m
Ganet Close 287m
Gladiola Way 313m
Greenways Drive 294m
Heron Circle 547m
Huskisson Way 083m
Ixia Avenue 114m
Jacob Avenue 301m
Kelp Road 08m
Kingfisher Road 082m
Kirsten Avenue 048m
Kommetjie Boulevard 278m
Kommetjie Road 022m
Lighthouse Road 5.149Km
Maree Close 225m
Maree Street 129m
Melkhout Avenue 109m
Mountain Place 033m
Mountain Street 538m
Nerina Avenue 426m
Nicholi Avenue 194m
Osborne Close 021m
Osborne Street 141m
Oyster Close 048m
Oystercatcher Close 123m
Pelican Place 163m
Periwinkle Close 04m
Periwinkle Place 138m
Pipers Close 098m
Protea Avenue 293m
Riverside Drive 435m
Rubbi Road 284m
Sandstone Road 116m
Seeliger Road 259m
Somerset Way 08m
Strelitzia Road 227m
Sunbird Circle 299m
Sunbird Close 067m
Surf Way 062m
Swallow Lane 051m
Teubes Road 076m
Topaz Close 066m
Van De Horst Avenue 266m
Van Imhoff Way 012m
Weavers End 124m
Wireless Road 386m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Kommetjie and their distance from Kommetjie
Chemists in KommetjieLatitude Longitude
Kommetjie Country Health-34.141306618.3256653
Hotels in KommetjieLatitude Longitude
The Kommetjie Inn-34.141236318.3250024
The Last Word Long Beach-34.137639118.3292979
Librarys in KommetjieLatitude Longitude
Kommetjie Public Library-34.141025318.3242046
Lighthouses in KommetjieLatitude Longitude
Slangkop Lighthouse-34.148665618.3192983
Nursery Schools in KommetjieLatitude Longitude
Kommetjie Pre-Primary-34.140613618.3256219
Parkings in KommetjieLatitude Longitude
Slankop lighthouse-34.148608818.3195128
Petrol Stations in KommetjieLatitude Longitude
Kommetjie Motors-34.140868518.3290725
Police Stations in KommetjieLatitude Longitude
Ocean View SAPS-34.144200918.3465364
Pubs in KommetjieLatitude Longitude
Helmsman Pub & Restaurant-34.141221018.3258542
Swimming Pools in KommetjieLatitude Longitude
Soetwater Tidal Pool-34.154014918.3223437
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