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Klaarwater Attractions and Distance Calculations
Klaarwater is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Klaarwater
Direct Distance from Klaarwater to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 528 Km
Direct Distance from Klaarwater to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 492 Km
Direct Distance from Klaarwater to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1253 Km
Direct Distance from Klaarwater to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 671 Km
Direct Distance from Klaarwater to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 454 Km
Direct Distance from Klaarwater to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 491 Km
Direct Distance from Klaarwater to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 603 Km
Direct Distance from Klaarwater to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 679 Km
Roads Near Klaarwater
Roads / Streets in KlaarwaterRoad Length
105886 Street 041m
106337 Street 136m
200382 Street 1.211Km
211589 Street 695m
211591 Street 163m
211617 Street 059m
211618 Street 162m
211619 Street 675m
211620 Street 164m
211621 Street 093m
211623 Street 663m
211624 Street 386m
211632 Street 044m
211633 Street 074m
211634 Street 067m
211635 Street 039m
211636 Street 045m
211638 Street 288m
211639 Street 138m
211640 Street 267m
211641 Street 272m
211642 Street 12m
211644 Street 101m
211645 Street 081m
211646 Street 202m
211648 Street 051m
211677 Street 188m
211678 Street 136m
211679 Street 069m
211680 Street 547m
211681 Street 07m
211682 Street 13m
211683 Street 061m
211684 Street 086m
211685 Street 153m
211686 Street 205m
211687 Street 048m
211688 Street 058m
211689 Street 07m
211690 Street 065m
211691 Street 133m
211692 Street 259m
211693 Street 332m
211694 Street 334m
211695 Street 158m
211696 Street 056m
40501 Street 226m
40502 Street 099m
40504 Street 14m
40505 Street 117m
40506 Street 083m
40507 Street 053m
40508 Street 073m
40509 Street 097m
40511 Street 107m
40512 Street 141m
40513 Street 16m
40514 Street 074m
40515 Street 092m
40516 Street 092m
40517 Street 097m
40518 Street 075m
40519 Street 073m
40520 Street 073m
40521 Street 069m
40522 Street 168m
40523 Street 098m
40524 Street 097m
40525 Street 097m
40526 Street 098m
40527 Street 1.013Km
40528 Street 091m
40529 Street 104m
40530 Street 161m
40531 Street 149m
40532 Street 139m
40533 Street 332m
40534 Street 087m
40535 Street 08m
40536 Street 057m
40537 Street 053m
40538 Street 068m
40539 Street 137m
40540 Street 209m
40541 Street 093m
40542 Street 112m
40543 Street 111m
40544 Road 081m
40545 Street 057m
40546 Street 056m
40548 Street 102m
40549 Street 075m
40550 Street 068m
40551 Street 066m
40552 Street 123m
40553 Street 071m
40554 Street 568m
40555 Street 12m
40556 Street 095m
40557 Street 082m
40558 Street 08m
40559 Street 054m
40562 Street 445m
40563 Track 439m
47043 Track 854m
47047 Track 207m
47050 Track 205m
47051 Track 099m
47052 Track 856m
47054 Track 459m
47055 Track 699m
47056 Track 203m
47057 Track 573m
47058 Track 459m
47800 Street 162m
Access Road 335m
Agate Place 132m
Beryl Cresent 234m
Bhubesi Place 058m
Chakide Cresent 249m
Clay Place 095m
Corundum Place 101m
Dube Place 044m
Dumakude Road 439m
Fukwe Street 71m
Garnet Road 258m
Grassland Avenue 2.004Km
Hlabangani Street 177m
Insizwakazi Road 859m
Intake Road 3.63Km
Jade Street 197m
Jasper Place 125m
Jili Street 248m
Mahlase Road 341m
Majola Place 055m
Makwaza Street 378m
Manyosi Street 192m
Manzini Road 318m
Mapholoba Drive 566m
Mbembese Road 1.221Km
Mbeth Street 055m
Mbhedula Place 056m
Meadow Road 1.095Km
Mfeka Street 096m
Mfene Street 197m
Mica Place 061m
Mkomazi Street 946m
Mlotshwa Street 157m
Mngwabe Close 074m
Mnkeba Place 142m
Mntungwa Street 228m
Mnyamathi Place 098m
Mosiea Street 1.127Km
Mpanza Road 3.062Km
Mphephethwa Place 143m
Mpofu Avenue 12m
Mpongo Drive 727m
Mpunzi Avenue 092m
Msamu Cresent 275m
Mthiya Cresent 182m
Mtholo Drive 04m
Mthombo Avenue 127m
Mvubu Place 06m
Mziki Drive 144m
Ndlhovu Street 503m
Ndlovu Avenue 092m
Ndosi Street 137m
Ndwandwe Street 964m
Ngcede Street 137m
Ngcobo Street 667m
Nkonkoni Drive 202m
Nkonzo Road 14m
Nomndayi Place 112m
Ntshonalonga Street 643m
Nyala Place 111m
Nyambose Place 09m
Nyathi Avenue 105m
Pearl Road 265m
Pebble Drive 518m
Phakati Street 525m
Phili Street 592m
Phinthi Avenue 101m
Platinum Place 108m
Sambane Street 11m
Shale Place 133m
Sibal Kulu Street 246m
Silo Avenue 103m
Sinkiwe Place 138m
Siphongo Street 726m
Sonto Road 41m
Sparrow Street 081m
Thabekhulu Street 291m
Thorntree Avenue 1.114Km
Valley Drive 951m
Verdite Place 138m
Zircon Place 066m
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