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Kirkney Attractions and Distance Calculations
Kirkney is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Kirkney
Distance from Kirkney to Auckland Park
Roads Near Kirkney
Roads / Streets in KirkneyRoad Length
Bonita Crescent 319m
Brendon Street 265m
Carey Avenue 09m
Congella Street 431m
Eden Avenue 089m
Egret Avenue 092m
Eldoret Street 084m
Erma Street 582m
Fred Messenger Avenue 792m
Long Tom Pass Avenue 543m
Malie Street 1.396Km
Mount Anderson Street 587m
Mount Sheba Street 325m
Notwani Avenue 091m
Padrone Road 746m
Pinnacle Rock Avenue 282m
Richards Bay Avenue 404m
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