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Kimberley Attractions and Distance Calculations
Kimberley is a city in South Africa, Northern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Kimberley
Distance from Kimberley to Aliwal North
Distance from Kimberley to Beaufort West
Distance from Kimberley to Bellville
Distance from Kimberley to Bloemfontein
Distance from Kimberley to Bothaville
Distance from Kimberley to Britstown
Distance from Kimberley to Calvinia
Distance from Kimberley to Cape Town
Distance from Kimberley to Christiana
Distance from Kimberley to Copperton
Distance from Kimberley to Danielskuil
Distance from Kimberley to Delportshoop
Distance from Kimberley to Douglas
Distance from Kimberley to Dullstroom
Distance from Kimberley to Ganspan
Distance from Kimberley to George
Distance from Kimberley to Graaff-Reinet
Distance from Kimberley to Hendrina
Distance from Kimberley to Heuningvlei
Distance from Kimberley to Hopetown
Roads Near Kimberley
Roads / Streets in KimberleyRoad Length
Adam 191m
Allan 378m
Baillie 06m
Barkly 1.743Km
Baronial 065m
Barrister 254m
Bean 42m
Boshoff 242m
Bultfontein 348m
Carr 066m
Chapel Street 826m
Cheapside 08m
Christian 188m
Church 076m
Coleman 09m
Compound 313m
Craven 219m
Cricket 134m
Crossman 237m
Cullinan 238m
Currey 592m
Custom 127m
Darcy 101m
De Beers 354m
Du Toitspan 1.248Km
Dunell 265m
Edwards 179m
Elbow 264m
Fenton 075m
Florence 19m
Green 1.929Km
Hospital 314m
Jan Smuts 847m
Jones 556m
Jonker 114m
Knight 608m
Krynauw 085m
Lanyon 147m
Lennox 016m
Market 127m
Masonic 293m
Noakes 104m
North Circular 637m
Old De Beers Road 724m
Old Main 209m
Osterich 133m
Park 1.086Km
Parsons 212m
Permanent Way 1m
Pniel 49m
Regiment 764m
Rietz 093m
Robb 165m
Roper 511m
Scholtz 202m
Southey 267m
St Cyprians 225m
Stead 409m
Sydney 441m
Thompson 311m
Villiers 247m
Ward 243m
Woodley 382m
York 438m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Kimberley and their distance from Kimberley
Cellphone Towers in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Microwave Tower-28.744690124.7491550
Chemists in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Fire Stations in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Hospitals in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Hospital-28.746422624.7715556
Hotels in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
The Kimberley Club-28.741005524.7656803
Bishops Lodge-28.751975024.7656292
Information Centres in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Tourist Info-28.746469124.7652064
Lookout Points in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Mine-28.739059024.7560400
De Beers Mine-28.736865024.7735617
Museums in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Cape Police Memorial-28.745834024.7775478
Parkings in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Club parking-28.741734324.7656162
Petrol Stations in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Apostolic Church-28.731228424.7665007
7th Day Adventist Church-28.723926024.7590202
Pubs in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
The Kimberley Club-28.740868924.7658966
Occidental Bar-28.738737924.7553209
Australian Arms-28.738286124.7546147
Star of the West-28.736177424.7546930
Restaurants in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
The Kimberley Club-28.740823124.7656911
Schools in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Boys High-28.749868124.7693973
Diamentveld High-28.751569324.7706472
Kimberley Junior-28.754631224.7673803
Stations in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Taxi Ranks in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Mini Bus Taxi Rank-28.741120424.7620863
Theatres in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Northern Cape Theatre-28.745519624.7696129
Tourist Attractions in KimberleyLatitude Longitude
Diggers Fountain-28.744220624.7677231
Honoured Dead Memorial-28.751314724.7694178
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