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Kilner Park Attractions and Distance Calculations
Kilner Park is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Kilner Park
Distance from Kilner Park to St Helena Bay
Roads Near Kilner Park
Roads / Streets in Kilner ParkRoad Length
Abilia Street 1.618Km
Akker Street 225m
Anna Wilson Street 1.351Km
Aster Street 1.214Km
Bamboes Street 47m
Baviaanspoort Street 4.229Km
Bernardus Street 137m
Boegoebos Street 373m
C R Swart Drive 3.621Km
Carica Street 306m
Carnation Street 1.27Km
Cox Street 156m
Cragg Street 329m
Dahlia Street 653m
De Wildt 161m
Dirkie Hattingh Street 157m
Dreyer Avenue 262m
Frayne Street 241m
Freeland Avenue 711m
Fry Street 1.689Km
Gertruida Street 225m
Gideon Street 17m
Gompou Street 356m
Grant Street 804m
Greta Street 4m
Helgaard Street 355m
Herman Street 167m
Isabel Street 608m
Izaak Street 317m
Jacobus Street 353m
Jeanette Street 357m
Johannes Street 351m
Jurg Street 051m
Kamferbos Street 769m
Klapperbos Street 221m
Koedoespoort Street 256m
Kortom Street 086m
Lawrence Street 313m
Liza Street 266m
Lynette Street 1.372Km
Machiel Street 269m
Magdalena Willers Street 1.349Km
Magnolia Street 882m
Magrietha Street 043m
Malgas Street 773m
Margaret Street 252m
Muller Road 1.011Km
Nathan Wilson Street 568m
Nettie Van Der Merwe Street 304m
Opaal 268m
Slater Road 157m
Stormvoel Road 4.883Km
Tobias Street 342m
Topaas 435m
Transwerk 161m
Trumper Street 1.527Km
Witstinkhout Street 268m
Zircon Street 06m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Kilner Park and their distance from Kilner Park
Banks in Kilner ParkLatitude Longitude
Hospitals in Kilner ParkLatitude Longitude
Librarys in Kilner ParkLatitude Longitude
Petrol Stations in Kilner ParkLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in Kilner ParkLatitude Longitude
NG Moregloed-25.711659628.2501290
NG Waverley-Oos-25.701494928.2624278
NG Waverley-25.702269528.2500038
Police Stations in Kilner ParkLatitude Longitude
Radio Communications in Kilner ParkLatitude Longitude
Radio Amateur Club-25.698185228.2656982
Schools in Kilner ParkLatitude Longitude
Laerskool Nellie Swart-25.719900028.2553378
CVO Moot-25.711369628.2505635
Laerskool Queenswood-25.730795328.2541495
Stations in Kilner ParkLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in Kilner ParkLatitude Longitude
New World-25.706270028.2738100
Vetkoek Maleis-25.728245328.2762080
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