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Khayelitsha Attractions and Distance Calculations
Khayelitsha is a town in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Khayelitsha
Distance from Khayelitsha to Blackheath
Distance from Khayelitsha to Brackenfell
Distance from Khayelitsha to Cape Town City Centre
Distance from Khayelitsha to Elim
Distance from Khayelitsha to Gouda
Distance from Khayelitsha to Mbekweni
Distance from Khayelitsha to Plantation Road
Distance from Khayelitsha to Sunningdale
Roads Near Khayelitsha
Roads / Streets in KhayelitshaRoad Length
Arosi Street 022m
Bambi Road 119m
Banti Crescent 094m
Bekelentloko Street 853m
Belle Street 022m
Benyano Crescent 537m
Bhemye Crescent 574m
Bhobhoyi Street 291m
Bida Crescent 643m
Cecelo Crescent 137m
Ceku Street 021m
Cele Street 02m
Church Square 255m
Cwayi Crescent 361m
Dabula Street 234m
Debeza Street 269m
Delta Street 148m
Dema Street 023m
Dika Street 022m
Dikinyeka Square 398m
Dikza Road 041m
Dilo Street 108m
Dimba Road 081m
Dube Street 026m
Duna Crescent 151m
Duze Close 035m
Dyani Crescent 647m
Dyasi Street 125m
Fato Road 194m
Gabada Street 105m
Gaga Street 17m
Galeni Street 096m
Gili Street 358m
Giyogiyo Street 228m
Goba Street 278m
Golomi Street 197m
Gubayo Crescent 076m
Gxashela Street 31m
Gxiya Street 28m
Helena Crescent 341m
Hickman Crescent 098m
Hlankomo Street 442m
Hlobo Street 915m
Hlotwa Street 181m
Hlungulu Street 144m
Hobohobo Street 382m
Hostel Street 1.083Km
Jama Street 478m
Jejane Street 141m
Jikwa Crescent 175m
Jordane Circle 678m
Jwambi Street 144m
Kakaza Crescent 245m
Khakisa Street 219m
Khanya Road 091m
Khetsha Street 198m
Khumbula Crescent 205m
Khuselo Crescent 238m
Khwazile Street 307m
Khwebula Street 196m
Khwezi Crescent 304m
Kibi Crescent 169m
Koati Street 129m
Kusasa Road 787m
Kusile Street 125m
Lager Crescent 319m
Langa Crescent 342m
Lawulo Road 378m
Lelala Avenue 53m
Lengezi Street 496m
Lindelwa Street 187m
Linga Street 121m
Lipla Close 043m
Liza Street 098m
Lobi Close 044m
Lubelwana Street 365m
Luleka Street 834m
Lunde Street 142m
Luvuyo Crescent 186m
Lwandle Road 1.413Km
Lweni Crescent 528m
Madayi Crescent 585m
Madikana Crescent 171m
Mafunka Crescent 33m
Magqaza Crescent 093m
Makabeni Road 1.081Km
Makebeni Road 545m
Makhanya Crescent 194m
Makwelo Street 259m
Malambo Street 417m
Mali Crescent 388m
Malinga Crescent 238m
Maliza Street 122m
Mango Street 178m
Mankayi Crescent 38m
Mantashe Street 246m
Manyano Road 09m
Manzi Street 128m
Mapolo Road 166m
Mateta Street 355m
Mavu Road 439m
Mawisa Street 329m
Maxama Street 189m
Mazizi Street 241m
Mbali Street 121m
Mbesa Crescent 533m
Mbolwa Crescent 254m
Mbona Street 276m
Mbongi Street 161m
Mbovane Street 035m
Mbulu Street 049m
Mcewula Street 493m
Mcwangele Street 179m
Mdlebe Street 099m
Mdubi Street 078m
Mew Way 1.72Km
Mfula Close 034m
Mfundisweni Street 533m
Mfundo Street 04m
Mhlontlo Street 112m
Mississipi Way 358m
Mkgoro Street 055m
Mkholwane Crescent 256m
Mkonto Crescent 381m
Mlanjeni Street 157m
Mlonji Street 349m
Mmemzi Street 292m
Mnama Street 087m
Mncedisi Street 174m
Mnga Street 318m
Mninawa Crescent 349m
Mnqayi Street 085m
Mnqcunube Street 703m
Mnquma Street 284m
Mntunizi Street 118m
Moline Street 096m
Monani Crescent 172m
Monde Street 419m
Mongesi Road 1.307Km
Monza Street 48m
Morganza Crescent 104m
Mpangele Road 359m
Mpho Road 199m
Mpilo Street 042m
Mpumi Street 082m
Mqokolo Street 058m
Mrabalala Road 247m
Msengana Street 33m
Msenge Street 15m
Msobomvu Drive 927m
Msutwana Street 373m
Mswi Street 223m
Mthanthi Street 099m
Mthawelanga Street 985m
Mtobo Street 195m
Mtsi Street 082m
Mvimbi Street 384m
Mvumvu Crescent 131m
Mvuzo Crescent 23m
Myataza Street 179m
Myolo Crescent 156m
Mzali Crescent 334m
Mzane Street 244m
Mzwandile Road 28m
Nanana Street 76m
Natchez Crescent 282m
Nazo Street 175m
Ncanashe Crescent 172m
Nciba Street 081m
Ncora Street 05m
Ndaba Street 259m
Ndlebe Street 145m
Ndodwa Street 129m
Nduli Crescent 184m
Ndwe Close 093m
Nelani Crescent 172m
Ngcingcu Street 167m
Ngcingwana Street 038m
Ngcwalazi Drive 1.591Km
Ngenge Crescent 356m
Ngetu Crescent 271m
Ngxama Street 337m
Nimvencu Street 187m
Nkanga Crescent 193m
Nkayezsi Street 143m
Nkenjane Street 795m
Nkomo Street 177m
Nkonya Crescent 294m
Nkulumo Road 277m
Nkwenkezi Crescent 185m
Nobevu Crescent 271m
Nobiya Street 234m
Nochulu Crescent 329m
Nokwazi Square 976m
Noludwe Street 558m
Nolwibili Street 339m
Nomyayi Street 298m
Nomzamo Mongo Street 266m
Nondlwane Street 119m
Nonkxwe Street 277m
Noqandula Street 102m
Nothabile Square 1.006Km
Nowanga Street 243m
Nqawe Street 254m
Nqilomathi Street 288m
Ntaba Street 208m
Ntakobusi Crescent 267m
Ntengu Street 182m
Ntlakohlaza Street 481m
Ntlalo Road 506m
Ntlazane Road 1.23Km
Ntlemenza Crescent 204m
Ntshili Street 109m
Ntshiyane Street 349m
Ntsikizi Street 608m
Ntunuka Street 178m
Ntutyana Street 1.116Km
Ntwana Street 21m
Nxanxadi Street 366m
Nxaruni Street 057m
Nyaniso Crescent 251m
Palisa Crescent 268m
Pama Road 2.175Km
Pamla Street 324m
Panama Street 187m
Pela Street 196m
Phakamani Road 1.644Km
Phambili Crescent 258m
Phandle Street 113m
Phendula Crescent 881m
Ponoshe Crescent 137m
Protea Road 453m
Qampi Crescent 271m
Qandani Street 305m
Qobo Street 073m
Qubaka Crescent 224m
Quincy Street 039m
Rada Street 056m
Ramokolo Street 175m
Rawe Close 033m
Rolisusu Crescent 216m
Rune Close 033m
Sabela Crescent 066m
Safika Crescent 261m
Sagoloda Street 232m
Sagwityi Street 211m
Sake Street 043m
Sakhwatsha Street 167m
Sakumzi Crescent 387m
Salwe Crescent 188m
Sangxa Street 117m
Sani Crescent 171m
Scott Street 191m
Shwabane Crescent 713m
Sibeko Street 074m
Sibolo Street 121m
Sicibilili Avenue 141m
Sicukujeje Crescent 4m
Sidima Crescent 558m
Sidloyi Street 135m
Sihle Crescent 368m
Sihlope Crescent 331m
Sikanti Street 069m
Sikhwenene Street 245m
Silumko Street 609m
Simo Street 04m
Sinagogo Crescent 402m
Sinqolamthi Street 021m
Siphiwe Crescent 627m
Siqaza Street 121m
Siseko Circle 27m
Sishuba Street 365m
Sisonke Street 074m
Sithela Street 097m
Sitofile Street 858m
Sitonga Crescent 215m
Sixaxabesha Street 404m
Sixwayikati Street 282m
Sizani Road 516m
Skapu Street 05m
Sondela Street 096m
Songeze Crescent 337m
Sonke Street 043m
Sonwabo Street 107m
Sony Street 043m
Spine Road 2.411Km
Tabulele Street 369m
Tafa Street 202m
Tala Crescent 159m
Taleni Square 544m
Tandazo Drive 261m
Tanga Street 66m
Tebe Street 144m
Tembu Street 125m
Thandeka Street 091m
Thobile Crescent 3m
Tokazi Road 307m
Tole Street 045m
Tshitshi Street 135m
Tsolo Street 169m
Tulani Street 757m
Tunce Crescent 255m
Tunce Street 249m
Tunica Road 142m
Tyeku Street 05m
Tyume Street 116m
Umngeni Street 228m
Vakwana Street 36m
Vaphi Crescent 441m
Vati Street 126m
Velili Street 12m
Venfolo Street 063m
Venus Street 188m
Vilani Crescent 68m
Vukuthu Street 207m
Vula Street 03m
Vumile Street 057m
Vuyani Street 712m
Walmer Street 112m
Walter Sisulu Road 55m
Wele Close 05m
Woko Crescent 172m
Xabiso Square 657m
Xameni Crescent 138m
Xapile Street 087m
Xengxe Street 479m
Xolani Road 039m
Yawa Crescent 168m
Yeki Street 111m
Yeyi Crescent 168m
Yisa Street 045m
Zakhele Street 518m
Zaleni Street 1m
Zantsi Street 173m
Zethu Street 121m
Ziduli Street 115m
Zingisa Street 162m
Zinto Street 125m
Zodiac Street 1.194Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Khayelitsha and their distance from Khayelitsha
Police Stations in KhayelitshaLatitude Longitude
Khayelitsha SAPS-34.024538618.6656008
Harare SAPS-34.051725418.6694147
Stations in KhayelitshaLatitude Longitude
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