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Kenton-on-Sea Attractions and Distance Calculations
Kenton-on-Sea is a town in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Kenton-on-Sea
Distance from Kenton-on-Sea to Grahamstown
Distance from Kenton-on-Sea to Port Alfred
Distance from Kenton-on-Sea to Port Elizabeth
Distance from Kenton-on-Sea to Rhodes University
Roads Near Kenton-on-Sea
Roads / Streets in Kenton-on-SeaRoad Length
Alfred Road 218m
Audrey Crescent 052m
Bathurst Road 1.054Km
Beaufort Road 457m
Coniston Road 388m
Cornwall Street 349m
Devon Road 281m
Eastbourne Road 613m
Elliot Road 439m
Erica Road 193m
Fowler Road 346m
Halifax Road 306m
Kariega Road 1.428Km
Kenton Road 688m
Lyon Road 39m
Middle Beach Road 911m
Milford Road 184m
Newington Road 331m
North Wood Road 833m
Ocean Avenue 1.089Km
Oettle Street 446m
Oxford Road 393m
Pailsey Road 494m
Parker Road 392m
Recreation Road 389m
River Road 475m
Rochester 34m
Rothesay Road 178m
Smith Street 28m
Somerset Road 583m
Vasco da Gama Road 76m
Westbourne Road 1.604Km
William Way 48m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Kenton-on-Sea and their distance from Kenton-on-Sea
Banks in Kenton-on-SeaLatitude Longitude
Guest Houses in Kenton-on-SeaLatitude Longitude
Nursery Schools in Kenton-on-SeaLatitude Longitude
Petrol Stations in Kenton-on-SeaLatitude Longitude
Kenton Garage-33.682936826.6729458
Restaurants in Kenton-on-SeaLatitude Longitude
The Volo-33.683199226.6726564
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