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Kenilworth Attractions and Distance Calculations
Kenilworth is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Kenilworth
Distance from Kenilworth to Stellenbosch
Roads Near Kenilworth
Roads / Streets in KenilworthRoad Length
Abbotsford Place 066m
Abingdon Road 153m
Aboyne Road 07m
Albert Street 158m
Aletta Walk 324m
Annette Way 149m
Archie Street 098m
Arena Road 144m
Ascot Road 447m
Auburn Road 257m
Baronrath Road 136m
Bath Road 359m
Bebington Avenue 061m
Bedford Street 08m
Bell Road 445m
Bellevue Terrace 092m
Berkley Place 046m
Bisset Road 278m
Blackheath Road 163m
Bolus Avenue 175m
Bowwood Road 437m
Braehead Road 056m
Braeside Road 094m
Bray Road 316m
Cambridge Street 14m
Cecil Street 194m
Chippenham Road 189m
Church Street 253m
Claremont Avenue 418m
Coach Road 211m
College Road 11m
Cornwall Street 137m
Crescent Road 161m
Cumnor Avenue 415m
De Villiers Road 263m
Derby Road 437m
Devon Street 168m
Dingle Avenue 156m
Doncaster Road 6m
Dungannon Street 07m
Dunluce Avenue 291m
Durham Street 159m
Edward Road 234m
Epsom Road 065m
Eyton Road 226m
Firs Avenue 171m
First Avenue 1.208Km
Gay Road 083m
Gloucester Road 168m
Gordon Road 143m
Gouda Street 056m
Grace Road 08m
Grant Street 22m
Greenfield Road 507m
Greenwood Road 39m
Gwalia Road 249m
Hampstead Road 304m
Harfield Place 049m
Harfield Road 1.273Km
Harry Stodel Street 116m
Harvey Road 294m
Heather Street 211m
Hereford Street 277m
Herschel Close 132m
Herschel Road 1.106Km
Herschel Walk 967m
Highwick Avenue 529m
Highwick Drive 53m
Hillbrow Road 067m
Imam Haron Road 771m
Jesmond Road 116m
Jorgens Avenue 127m
Karatara Avenue 122m
Kenilworth Road 346m
Kenmar Crescent 431m
Kolaro Crescent 087m
Lancaster Road 338m
Lancaster Street 167m
Lansdowne Road 015m
Leicester Street 167m
Lelia Road 144m
Lincoln Street 164m
Linda Road 376m
Livingstone Road 36m
Lovers Walk 501m
Lyndhurst Road 112m
Main Road 1.867Km
Mains Avenue 467m
Malone Avenue 06m
Marlborough Road 164m
Marlow Road 232m
Mathew Road 399m
May Street 144m
McBrides Lane 155m
Mckinley Road 406m
Melbourne Road 224m
Meyer Street 303m
Miller Road 466m
Moka Street 056m
Molteno Road 211m
Moore Street 1m
Morgenrood Road 383m
Murray Road 141m
Myrtle Road 116m
Neave Street 13m
Newark Road 143m
Norfolk Street 312m
Oak Avenue 941m
Oakfield Road 125m
Oaktree Lane 083m
Orpen Lane 153m
Oxford Street 334m
Palmyra Road 236m
Paradise View 167m
Parry Road 408m
Pearson Avenue 139m
Peffers Street 161m
Pembroke Street 079m
Phyllis Road 255m
Pine Road 4m
Princes Road 579m
Princes Square 025m
Purley Street 189m
Ravensworth Road 174m
Richie Avenue 142m
Richmond Road 235m
Ripelby Road 228m
Riviera Road 248m
Robinson Road 355m
Roseville Road 36m
Rosmead Avenue 873m
Rowan Avenue 223m
Rowan Lane 126m
Rutland Street 213m
Schuilhoek Road 072m
Scott Road 092m
Second Avenue 1.214Km
Selwyn Road 104m
Sheerness Road 161m
Sherwood Avenue 305m
Shirley Road 232m
Silverhill Crescent 258m
Silverhurst Close 029m
Smithers Road 188m
Somerset Street 051m
Stafford Street 103m
Stamford Road 251m
Stanhope Road 265m
Stellenberg Avenue 329m
Suffolk Street 143m
Summerley Road 378m
Sunningdale Road 228m
Surrey Street 381m
Sussex Street 155m
Sutherland Road 071m
Tennant Road 1.132Km
Thelma Road 277m
Third Avenue 1.143Km
Thomas Road 844m
Thompson Road 337m
Toleni Road 146m
Twilley Street 279m
Union Street 158m
Valley Road 554m
Ventnor Road 08m
Vista 103m
Wade Road 226m
Wesley Street 168m
Wessels Road 367m
Wilderness Avenue 33m
Wisteria Road 075m
Wolborough Road 094m
Worcester Street 394m
Wytham Road 084m
York Street 289m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Kenilworth and their distance from Kenilworth
Banks in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Bus Stations in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Claremont Taxi Rank-33.981781018.4664346
Claremont Bus Terminus-33.980624118.4662389
Bus Stops in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Business in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Stream Global Services-33.979473618.4664030
Cafes in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Vida e Caffe-33.978995218.4630196
Chemists in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Entertainments in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Tenpin Bowling-33.979620118.4658719
Fire Stations in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Wynberg Fire Station-34.004553118.4789309
Hospitals in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Crescent Clinic-33.989401418.4670905
Kingsbury Hospital-33.986421018.4688649
Claremont Hospital-33.986274618.4664961
Hotels in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
The Vineyard Hotel-33.978973418.4588200
Librarys in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Wynberg Public Library-34.005252118.4676589
Nightclubs in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Oblivion Wine Bar-33.984516318.4776241
Tiger Tiger-33.979590618.4652697
Petrol Stations in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Christ Church Kenilworth-33.995332218.4711194
Church on Main-33.981210618.4656189
Police Stations in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Wynberg Police Station-34.004226718.4648183
Claremont SAPS-33.984301418.4729179
Post Offices in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Clareinch Post Office-33.984237318.4740766
Claremont Post Office-33.979646718.4656480
Recycling Depots in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Municipal refuse depot-34.005235818.4799889
Restaurants in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Banana Jam-33.994303418.4741933
Zapata Mexican Restaurant-33.987658318.4741188
Lucky Yacht sushi bar-33.987348818.4741276
Home Bar and Restaurant-33.987126418.4743207
Schools in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Cedar House High School-33.996507718.4777529
Shiloah Christian School-34.008818618.4709218
Stations in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Harfield Road-33.988446218.4712616
Take Aways in KenilworthLatitude Longitude
Scooters Pizza-33.994847918.4691473
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