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Kelvin Attractions and Distance Calculations
Kelvin is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Kelvin
Distance from Kelvin to Braamfontein
Distance from Kelvin to Ferndale
Distance from Kelvin to Prinsloo Street
Distance from Kelvin to Sandton City
Distance from Kelvin to The Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre
Roads Near Kelvin
Roads / Streets in KelvinRoad Length
Adriana Way 35m
Brenda Place 089m
Cone Way 682m
Daffodil Street 404m
Dale Way 364m
Eastern Service 1.868Km
Freesia Street 427m
Green Way 164m
Northway 2.258Km
Old Pretoria Johannesburg Road 125m
Oldens Way 781m
Primula Road 079m
Rose Way 36m
Summer Place 118m
Sunny Way 1.546Km
West Way 708m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Kelvin and their distance from Kelvin
Cafes in KelvinLatitude Longitude
Woodlands Caf-26.063087828.0878770
Dentists in KelvinLatitude Longitude
Dr. Lino Cericola-26.057861328.0897552
Doctors in KelvinLatitude Longitude
Wendywood Clinic-26.081973928.0850277
Guest Houses in KelvinLatitude Longitude
Four Trees-26.076730028.0912800
Amba Court-26.071282128.0781591
Hotels in KelvinLatitude Longitude
Fairlawns Hotel-26.079428528.0760196
Petrol Stations in KelvinLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in KelvinLatitude Longitude
Post Offices in KelvinLatitude Longitude
Postnet Gallo Manor-26.057600328.0899023
Schools in KelvinLatitude Longitude
(type name here)-26.076843028.0846356
Stations in KelvinLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in KelvinLatitude Longitude
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