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Johannesburg Attractions and Distance Calculations
Johannesburg is a city in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Johannesburg
Distance from Johannesburg to 14 Street
Distance from Johannesburg to 38 David Avenue
Distance from Johannesburg to Aberdeen Tourist Lodge
Distance from Johannesburg to Aliwal North
Distance from Johannesburg to Allanridge Secondary School
Distance from Johannesburg to Amersfoort
Distance from Johannesburg to Augrabies
Distance from Johannesburg to Badplaas
Distance from Johannesburg to Barberton
Distance from Johannesburg to Beaufort West
Distance from Johannesburg to Bela-Bela
Distance from Johannesburg to Benoni Magistrate Court
Distance from Johannesburg to Bethal
Distance from Johannesburg to Bethlehem
Distance from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein
Distance from Johannesburg to Bulawayo
Distance from Johannesburg to Bytes Technology Group
Distance from Johannesburg to Cape Town
Distance from Johannesburg to Centurion
Distance from Johannesburg to City Deep
Distance from Johannesburg to Cornelia
Distance from Johannesburg to Cullinan
Distance from Johannesburg to Delmas
Distance from Johannesburg to Dimbaza
Distance from Johannesburg to Durban
Distance from Johannesburg to East London
Distance from Johannesburg to Elangeni lodge Malelane
Distance from Johannesburg to Elliot
Distance from Johannesburg to Enkangala Primary School
Distance from Johannesburg to Enkangala Security Services Cc
Distance from Johannesburg to Entabeni
Distance from Johannesburg to Far East Rand Hospital Laboratories
Distance from Johannesburg to Fort Beaufort
Distance from Johannesburg to Francistown
Distance from Johannesburg to Ga-Rankuwa
Distance from Johannesburg to Gaborone
Distance from Johannesburg to Gariep
Distance from Johannesburg to Golden Gate Highlands National Park
Distance from Johannesburg to Graaff-Reinet
Distance from Johannesburg to Groblersdal
Roads Near Johannesburg
Roads / Streets in JohannesburgRoad Length
Albert Street 1.652Km
Banket Street 255m
Berea Road 461m
Booysens Road 1.219Km
Buxton Street 195m
Claim Street 1.906Km
Commissioner Street 626m
Davies Street 36m
Davis Street 573m
Delvers Street 1.09Km
Durban Street 2.452Km
Eloff Street 408m
Eloff Street Extension 1.479Km
End Ext Street 465m
End Street 1.212Km
Ferreira Street 322m
Fox Street 1.5Km
Fraser Street 09m
Frederick Street 1.254Km
Goud Street 977m
Greene Street 462m
Hancock Street 402m
Harrison Street 06m
Height Street 3m
Jeppe Street 2.579Km
Joe Slovo Drive 1.972Km
Joubert Street 952m
Kay Street 114m
Kerk Street 44m
King George Street 398m
Koch Street 105m
Kruger 386m
Kruis Street 804m
Laub Street 531m
Loveday Street 1.504Km
Maclaren Street 165m
Main Street 335m
Mooi Street 1.862Km
Moseley Street 215m
Noord Street 989m
Nugget Street 977m
Old Heidelberg Road 1.419Km
Polly Street 82m
Rissik Street 1.316Km
Rocky Street 325m
Roger Street 531m
Sauer Street 1.452Km
Sherwell Street 763m
Siemert Road 547m
Simmonds Street Extension 288m
Smal Street 483m
Staib Street 448m
Stephenson Street 254m
Troye Street 937m
Trump Street 618m
Twist Street 1.337Km
Van Beek Street 279m
Von Brandis Street 998m
Von Weilligh Street 1.038Km
Webber Street 964m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Johannesburg and their distance from Johannesburg
Art Gallerys in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Arts on Main-26.204178428.0574780
Arts Centres in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Johannesburg Art Gallery-26.197034228.0470390
Banks in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
African Bank-26.202434628.0416913
Standard Bank-26.206148028.0404282
Standard Bank-26.204228428.0381786
Bars in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Capello Bar-26.203124728.0312054
Bus Stations in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Power House Station-26.195781728.0378810
Bus Stops in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Carlton Westbound-26.204758128.0483039
Carlton Eastbound-26.203971728.0481526
Fashion Square Northbound-26.202077528.0487946
Fashion Square Southbound-26.201838028.0505069
Fashion Square Southbound-26.201104828.0505890
Library Gardens Westbound-26.205498328.0420010
Library Gardens Eastbound-26.204716228.0419466
Johannesburg Art Gallery-26.195429228.0479862
Old Synagogue Westbound-26.194181328.0497981
Old Synagogue Eastbound-26.193563728.0497472
Hillbrow Bath Hose-26.190650528.0465010
Joberg Theatre-26.191422628.0389997
Cafes in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Cramers Coffee-26.207085528.0405924
News Cafe-26.191188028.0383572
Chemists in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
The link-26.203403828.0391930
Cinemas in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Goodhope Cinemas 1-2-3-26.190105228.0469116
Colleges in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Phoenix College-26.195467128.0406195
Doctors in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
17 Esseen Street Clinic-26.190766028.0449549
Fountains in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
FNB fountain 2-26.202797028.0395235
FNB fountain 1-26.202819028.0391689
Hotels in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Grande Hotel-26.201575128.0483275
Rand Inn Hotel-26.200340428.0472743
Diplomat Hotel-26.200001528.0470224
Mothopo Hotel-26.207951428.0415466
Hotel Constantia-26.196067728.0490198
The Park Street Hotel-26.197047428.0450303
Maxime Hotel-26.195747328.0510136
Royal Park Hotel-26.194950928.0513932
Johannesburger Hotel-26.194159128.0483362
Fontana Inn-26.193596028.0483414
Hotel Moulin Rouge-26.190356428.0490693
Parktonian Hotel-26.193386428.0394908
Court Hotel-26.188633528.0516255
LHotel Lamunu-26.193628928.0364088
Milner Park Hotel-26.194242828.0346497
Hotel Devonshire-26.192611328.0359613
Memorials in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
War Memorial-26.204553128.0400852
War Memorial-26.198649628.0406171
Museums in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Workers Museum-26.203070428.0321836
Parkings in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Arbour Square-26.194487628.0367349
Petrol Stations in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Kerk Street Mosque-26.203139128.0380282
Old Synagogue-26.193974028.0493920
Pubs in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
The Benders Arms-26.208829828.0425886
Tommys pub-26.203071728.0387377
The Voice-26.194125628.0490209
The Marshall Inn-26.208177528.0378343
#1 Bar-26.195793828.0372445
Olympic Bar-26.190044328.0485227
Nikis Oasis-26.202067828.0326305
Peoples Palace-26.188329828.0528451
Cardiff Arms-26.188172228.0524620
Hillbrow Inn-26.187951628.0491670
Milner Park Hotel-26.194349128.0346447
Public Buildings in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Department for Education-26.204698028.0434341
Matlotlo House-26.207047528.0411366
Restaurants in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Moshate Restaurant-26.208352428.0418651
Sophiatown Bar Lounge-26.203236728.0315238
Stations in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Johannesburg Park-26.197970428.0423235
Ellis Park-26.198805128.0589683
Park Station-26.194763928.0421021
Village Main-26.219139328.0450000
Take Aways in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
London Pie-26.201695828.0466163
Chicken Licken-26.202133228.0398180
Theatres in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
Windybrow Theatre-26.192119728.0508054
Alahambra Theatre-26.194557828.0584986
Nelson Mandela Theatre-26.190781028.0384471
Tourist Attractions in JohannesburgLatitude Longitude
langlaagte stamp battery-26.207359828.0389564
The Turbine Hall-26.203115528.0346818
World Of Beer-26.204202828.0340990
Sci Bono Centre-26.204599428.0329769
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