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Jacobs Attractions and Distance Calculations
Jacobs is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Jacobs
Distance from Jacobs to St Wendolins Ridge
Distance from Jacobs to Woodhaven
Roads Near Jacobs
Roads / Streets in JacobsRoad Length
Anitree Road 158m
Assegai Cresent 611m
Balfour Off-ramp 274m
Balfour On-ramp 264m
Balfour Road 835m
Basil Place 056m
Beaunoir Avenue 543m
Berg Place 087m
Bluff Road 2.299Km
Boston Road 232m
Brownlee Place 171m
Bruning Place 387m
Budree Cresent 196m
Bute Lane 112m
Chamberlain Road 1.794Km
Collingwood Road 107m
Donnelly Road 504m
Dudley Street 861m
Durham Road 232m
Eavesham Avenue 225m
Essex Street 211m
Falconhaven Road 208m
Genoa Road 205m
Gouritz Cresent 257m
Hidcote Lane 16m
Hollesley Road 756m
Hornsea Avenue 218m
Hornsea Place 141m
Hutchinson Street 454m
Industria Street 385m
Inkosi Albert Luthuli Freeway 2.679Km
Inkosi Albert Luthuli Off-ramp 302m
Jozini Grove 226m
Laguna Cresent 546m
Lakehaven Close 067m
Lansdowne Road 1.93Km
Lawley Street 705m
Manchester Street 455m
Milner Street 629m
Noord Road 211m
Paisley Road 1.14Km
Sage Road 475m
Swansea Road 119m
Teakwood Road 771m
Thorn Road 539m
Voortrekker Street 1.258Km
Whitehouse Road 438m
Withernsea Avenue 544m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Jacobs and their distance from Jacobs
Art Gallerys in JacobsLatitude Longitude
Banks in JacobsLatitude Longitude
Standard Bank-29.923760030.9690515
Bus Stations in JacobsLatitude Longitude
Caravan Parks in JacobsLatitude Longitude
Durban Caravan Park-29.929989531.0028700
Chemists in JacobsLatitude Longitude
Ambler McDonald Pharmacy-29.923864630.9690541
Petrol Stations in JacobsLatitude Longitude
Shell Montclair-29.917400930.9745148
Panda Motors Engen-29.916359830.9747406
le Mans Service Station-29.927281830.9672418
Restaurants in JacobsLatitude Longitude
Schools in JacobsLatitude Longitude
Genardle Junior Primary-29.936170031.0020022
Stations in JacobsLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in JacobsLatitude Longitude
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