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Howick Attractions and Distance Calculations
Howick is a town in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Howick
Distance from Howick to Adelaide
Distance from Howick to Bayhead
Distance from Howick to Bloemfontein
Distance from Howick to Bulwer
Distance from Howick to Dalton
Distance from Howick to Kokstad
Distance from Howick to Ladysmith
Distance from Howick to Meyerton
Distance from Howick to Morgans Bay
Distance from Howick to Morgans
Distance from Howick to Pietermaritzburg
Distance from Howick to Umtata
Distance from Howick to Wartburg
Roads Near Howick
Roads / Streets in HowickRoad Length
Alexander Street 201m
Andrew Street 966m
Athlone Avenue 072m
Athlone Street 218m
Bell Street 929m
Buchanan Street 875m
Clarendon Road 466m
Currys Post Road 18.3Km
Devon Place 049m
Devonshire Avenue 625m
Dewar Lane 224m
Dicks Street 477m
Drew Avenue 939m
Duiker Road 048m
Essex Street 238m
Frith Crescent 212m
Gush Avenue 678m
Holmes Lane 23m
Ludgate Hill 212m
Main Road 1.131Km
Mansfield Road 724m
Mare Street 904m
Market Street 393m
Memory Lane 094m
Northumberland Avenue 347m
Paddock Crescent 244m
Park Road 667m
Patterson Road 229m
Philpot Street 395m
Rhodes Avenue 206m
Rietbuck Road 213m
Riley Crescent 667m
Sangster Road 271m
Sentinal Road 247m
Shafton Road 45m
Simmonds Lane 1.566Km
Slipway 21m
Somme Street 496m
York Street 381m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Howick and their distance from Howick
Banks in HowickLatitude Longitude
Chemists in HowickLatitude Longitude
Fairways Pharmacy-29.496734230.2337177
Courthouses in HowickLatitude Longitude
Howick Courts-29.487576030.2313240
Fire Stations in HowickLatitude Longitude
Howick Fire Station-29.482908030.2272908
Guest Houses in HowickLatitude Longitude
Bieggie Best Cotages-29.480785530.2221737
Nutmeg Guest House-29.482851530.2285364
Eagles Country Lodges-29.494335430.2190821
Impangele B&B-29.487126730.2083966
Hospitals in HowickLatitude Longitude
Howick Private Hospital-29.477183430.2185956
Howick Clinic-29.487228030.2316820
Librarys in HowickLatitude Longitude
Howick Library-29.483333130.2342712
Lookout Points in HowickLatitude Longitude
Howick Falls-29.485358830.2379931
Nursery Schools in HowickLatitude Longitude
Howick Pre-primary-29.487127330.2237196
Place of Worships in HowickLatitude Longitude
Christ Chuch-29.479463130.2307003
Howick Town Masjid-29.484030830.2334880
Post Offices in HowickLatitude Longitude
Howick 3290-29.483165130.2312107
Schools in HowickLatitude Longitude
Howick Preparatory School-29.488927030.2242770
Unjulaba High School-29.490700630.2301159
Nogquhaza Primary School-29.492004730.2297475
Howick High School-29.478942130.2095320
Howick Water Classroom-29.497519830.2174193
Take Aways in HowickLatitude Longitude
Pizza Perfect-29.496845230.2333322
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