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Helgarda Attractions and Distance Calculations
Helgarda is a hamlet in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Helgarda
Direct Distance from Helgarda to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1320 Km
Direct Distance from Helgarda to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1274 Km
Direct Distance from Helgarda to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1282 Km
Direct Distance from Helgarda to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 666 Km
Direct Distance from Helgarda to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 924 Km
Direct Distance from Helgarda to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1545 Km
Direct Distance from Helgarda to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 846 Km
Direct Distance from Helgarda to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1558 Km
Roads Near Helgarda
Roads / Streets in HelgardaRoad Length
Albert Road 1.382Km
Avenue de Chavonnes 119m
Bisschop Road 528m
Companion Lane 274m
Doris Road 244m
Empire Avenue 975m
Governor Walk 215m
Helgarda Road 478m
Henshell Road 446m
Karakal Road 32m
Lair Avenue 505m
Leeu Loop 26m
Lentedal Road 28m
Linda Close 065m
Linda Street 159m
Luisa Way 948m
Milner Street 094m
Mountain Close 123m
Mountain Street 395m
Nooitgedacht Drive 1.015Km
Oude Schip 106m
Perrault Road 359m
Royland Crescent 503m
Valley Road 3.927Km
Victoria Avenue 1.639Km
Victoria Road 846m
Westerford Way 11m
Willow Way 174m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Helgarda and their distance from Helgarda
Cafes in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
The Health Path-34.041579418.3501554
Redemption Caf-34.042361718.3572192
Renaissance Caf-34.042589318.3591247
Car Rentals in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Comet Car Rental-34.040623018.3500450
Cellphone Towers in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Little Lions Head-34.012886118.3476039
Chemists in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Tradtional Healer-34.029456018.3592979
Sentinal Pharmacy-34.040666618.3501203
Wheelers Pharmacy-34.042669718.3591211
Doctors in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Medical Center-34.041510418.3506239
Fire Stations in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Hout Bay Fire Station-34.031036418.3567863
Guest Houses in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Victoria Views-34.036307618.3493538
The Bay Lodge-34.043796818.3507874
The Beach House-34.044269818.3517121
Thulani Riverside Lodge-34.020895018.3645570
Hotels in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Hout Bay Manor-34.043101418.3606954
Librarys in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Imizamo Yethu Library-34.029473518.3603499
Museums in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Hout Bay Museum-34.040380618.3599885
Nursery Schools in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Siyazama Preschool-34.029396718.3595350
Parkings in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Sandy Bay Nek-34.027553018.3420787
Hout Bay Beach West-34.046486718.3482242
Petrol Stations in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Theravada Buddhist Centre-34.029509118.3559661
Police Stations in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Hout Bay SAPS-34.030416418.3567862
Post Offices in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Hout Bay-34.042356718.3591554
Recycling Depots in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Hout Bay-34.030707318.3574902
Restaurants in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Trattoria Luigi-34.043862418.3593307
Schools in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Ambleside School-34.032778118.3519535
Bayside Christian-34.032269118.3601005
Dominican Grimley-34.019639518.3571120
Valley Pre Primary School-34.040330218.3608745
Kronendal Primary-34.040437118.3613274
Self Caterings in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
Pearls of Hout Bay-34.043188818.3507078
Take Aways in HelgardaLatitude Longitude
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