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Helderkruin Attractions and Distance Calculations
Helderkruin is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Helderkruin
Distance from Helderkruin to Bloemfontein Central
Distance from Helderkruin to Ermelo
Distance from Helderkruin to Heidelberg
Distance from Helderkruin to Klerksdorp
Distance from Helderkruin to North-West University
Distance from Helderkruin to Polokwane
Distance from Helderkruin to Standerton
Distance from Helderkruin to Vereeniging
Roads Near Helderkruin
Roads / Streets in HelderkruinRoad Length
Amatola Avenue 313m
Ampiteater Street 457m
Anysberg Street 272m
Argent Avenue 505m
Aurum Street 275m
Banket Drive 698m
Banket Drive East 408m
Banket Drive West 1.162Km
Baulah Crescent 279m
Bert Close 698m
Boeing Drive 1.278Km
Boerneef Avenue 1.37Km
Bonanza Avenue 349m
Bonteberg Street 322m
Camfuti Street 17m
Cessna Close 155m
Chironia Avenue 828m
Comanche Street 262m
Comet Street 286m
Concord Avenue 63m
Corsair Close 075m
Crous Drive 1.45Km
Dakota Avenue 618m
De Havilland Avenue 374m
Debonair Avenue 878m
Dion Street 618m
Earl Street 185m
Elandsberg Street 496m
Fairchild Street 617m
Fred Struben Street 28m
Gabriel Crescent 274m
Grosskopf Street 53m
Impala Avenue 24m
Impala Avenue West 738m
Karee Street 749m
Kiepersol Street 5m
Koedoebessie Avenue 636m
Kongaberg Street 125m
Leipoldt Street 048m
Mirage Drive 652m
Miranda Street 163m
Musketeer Street 262m
Norite Road 1.29Km
Ouklip Road 4.186Km
Panorama Road 222m
Piper Close 085m
Sabie Street 339m
Timotheus Street 453m
Viscount Avenue 484m
Vista Place 048m
Witteberg Street 821m
York Street 286m
Yvonne Street 615m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Helderkruin and their distance from Helderkruin
Car Washs in HelderkruinLatitude Longitude
Total Wash-26.124579227.8751720
Chemists in HelderkruinLatitude Longitude
Medicross Princess-26.130597327.8519689
Cinemas in HelderkruinLatitude Longitude
Petrol Stations in HelderkruinLatitude Longitude
Schools in HelderkruinLatitude Longitude
West Ridge High School-26.143668727.8725521
Stations in HelderkruinLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in HelderkruinLatitude Longitude
Tourist Attractions in HelderkruinLatitude Longitude
Old gold crusher-26.130229427.8805513
Bird hide-26.133466727.8838271
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