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Hanover Attractions and Distance Calculations
Hanover is a town in South Africa, Northern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Hanover
Distance from Hanover to Ballito
Distance from Hanover to Franschhoek
Distance from Hanover to Paarl
Distance from Hanover to Richmond - NC
Distance from Hanover to Richmond
Roads Near Hanover
Roads / Streets in HanoverRoad Length
7th Street 152m
Absalon Street 907m
Arnold Street 056m
Baatjes Crescent 216m
Bell Street 17m
Berg Street 724m
Boom Street 095m
Buitekant Street 329m
Burger Street 678m
Caledon Street 093m
Christoffel Street 576m
Cradock Street 18m
Crux Street 187m
Darling Street 666m
Duncan Street 17m
Erasmus Avenue 202m
Fillis Street 183m
Gafoor Street 388m
Gouws Street 409m
Grace Street 398m
Harmse Street 479m
Hercules Street 19m
Hoop Street 271m
Jason Street 184m
Jupiter Street 567m
Jurie Street 06m
Kerk Street 431m
Libra Street 522m
Loop Street 497m
Louw Street 147m
Mark Street 1.461Km
Mars Street 117m
Mercurius Street 08m
Montaque Street 366m
Murray Street 095m
Neptune Street 838m
New Street 275m
Newcastle Street 054m
Pietersen Street 213m
Queen Street 736m
Rawstorne Street 754m
Rhynveld Street 479m
Sas Street 311m
Scorpio Street 162m
Skool Avenue 18m
Tromp Street 164m
Turner Street 335m
Unknown 23m
Venus Street 152m
Viljoen Street 275m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Hanover and their distance from Hanover
Courthouses in HanoverLatitude Longitude
Hanover Magistrate Court-31.066535024.4426358
Hotels in HanoverLatitude Longitude
Hanover Lodge Hotel-31.068059324.4441290
Petrol Stations in HanoverLatitude Longitude
Hanover Filling Station-31.071404924.4419546
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