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Grassy Park Attractions and Distance Calculations
Grassy Park is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Grassy Park
Distance from Grassy Park to Cape Town City Centre
Distance from Grassy Park to Century City
Distance from Grassy Park to Mondale High School
Distance from Grassy Park to Pelican Park Primary School
Distance from Grassy Park to University of the Western Cape
Distance from Grassy Park to Wavecrest Avenue
Roads Near Grassy Park
Roads / Streets in Grassy ParkRoad Length
Acorn Close 044m
Acton Close 043m
Ash Street 078m
Baatjies Road 424m
Ben Road 079m
Birch Road 333m
Blou Weg 211m
Bosun Close 107m
Botterblom Street 388m
Brookford Road 101m
Burnly Close 048m
Cain Street 079m
Carola Way 161m
Civic Road 565m
Corby Close 189m
Crowie Lane 077m
Cyster Lane 158m
Dabchick Road 209m
Dalby Close 039m
Dane Street 078m
Daniels Crescent 365m
David Walk 083m
Diaz Road 378m
Donnell Way 155m
Dove Road 317m
Dunlin Close 033m
East Bank Crescent 158m
East Street 319m
Eastbank Road 158m
Egret Lane 152m
Eighth Avenue 1.028Km
Elizabeth Road 388m
Elm Street 157m
Ernest Curry Street 333m
Falcon Way 242m
Fayker Road 375m
Fern Close 13m
Fifth Avenue 1.813Km
Finn Road 28m
First Avenue 285m
First Road 1.832Km
Fourth Avenue 1.127Km
Frick Street 079m
Gardenia Lane 273m
Geelhout Street 157m
Gilray Road 278m
Glen Close 053m
Goudblom Street 116m
Granite Close 236m
Grassmead Road 051m
Gull Road 211m
Heath Road 078m
Hector Crescent 208m
Helena Road 24m
Hercules Way 207m
Heron Way 181m
Hess Road 236m
Hilton Road 315m
Ibis Way 149m
Irene Road 235m
Ivan Road 08m
Jacobs Road 158m
Jahir Cresc 056m
James Close 061m
Jay Road 123m
Joanna Street 232m
Johns Road 181m
Johnson Street 315m
Joseph Avenue 219m
Joseph Close 027m
Kannemeyer Street 08m
Karen Way 141m
Kemp Road 086m
Kenmore Road 164m
Kershout Straat 488m
Kiewiet Way 304m
Kleinsmidt Street 163m
Klip Road 284m
Lake Road 1.758Km
Lark Lane 054m
Le Grange Road 315m
Lilydale Road 16m
Linda Road 218m
Link Road 269m
Malan Street 052m
Marinus Avenue 2m
Market Street 173m
Maroon Road 372m
Michaels Road 314m
Misrole Avenue 449m
Morven Way 157m
Mosque Road 126m
Mossie Avenue 096m
Ninth Avenue 519m
Nita Road 063m
Norma Way 157m
Olga Road 178m
Ontong Road 511m
Oriele Crescent 226m
Orlando Road 156m
Owen Lane 047m
Park Road 157m
Pendoring Avenue 355m
Peperbos Close 045m
Pers Close 092m
Peters Way 585m
Plover Close 054m
Prudence Way 157m
Raven Road 235m
Reddy Avenue 771m
Richard Lakey Road 078m
Sandpiper Avenue 627m
Second Avenue 188m
Seventh Avenue 733m
Sixth Avenue 1.123Km
Solomons Laan 158m
St Charles Road 079m
St Clements Way 413m
St Francis Road 133m
Steed Close 11m
Stevens Road 354m
Tamford Way 157m
Third Avenue 1.93Km
Torbay Way 078m
Tulip Road 207m
Victoria Road 633m
Walters Close 225m
Ward Lane 168m
Watsonia Way 158m
Wattle Road 08m
West Road 319m
Weyburn Road 546m
Williams Avenue 362m
Willis Street 079m
Willow Way 262m
Zarobi Road 514m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Grassy Park and their distance from Grassy Park
Place of Worships in Grassy ParkLatitude Longitude
Masjid Ahmediyah-34.043236018.4917858
Police Stations in Grassy ParkLatitude Longitude
Grassy Park SAPS-34.048729918.4953578
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