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Grahamstown Attractions and Distance Calculations
Grahamstown is a city in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Grahamstown
Distance from Grahamstown to Bethulie
Distance from Grahamstown to East London
Distance from Grahamstown to Fort beaufort
Distance from Grahamstown to Knysna
Distance from Grahamstown to Molteno
Distance from Grahamstown to Oudtshoorn
Distance from Grahamstown to Pietermaritzburg
Distance from Grahamstown to Port Alfred
Distance from Grahamstown to Port Elizabeth International Airport
Distance from Grahamstown to Port Elizabeth
Distance from Grahamstown to Riebeek East
Roads Near Grahamstown
Roads / Streets in GrahamstownRoad Length
African Street 1.677Km
Allen Street 242m
Anderson Street 1.729Km
Anglo African Street 183m
Artillery Road 736m
Ayliff Street 1.091Km
Balfour Terrace 13m
Bathurst Street 1.157Km
Beadle Street 195m
Beaufort Street 361m
Bennett Street 368m
Bertram Street 183m
Blaine Street 055m
Caldecott Street 1.391Km
Carlisle Street 195m
Caroline Close 09m
Cathcart Street 352m
Cawood Street 168m
Charles Street 588m
Chase Street 141m
Cloughley Street 127m
Coles Lane 162m
Constitution Street 852m
Croft Street 242m
Cross Street 335m
Cuyler Street 182m
Darling Street 183m
Donkin Street 496m
Douglas Lane 21m
Drostdy Road 316m
Drury Lane 273m
Elizabeth Street 092m
Firtree Street 127m
Fitzroy Street 1.604Km
Florence Street 285m
Frances Street 275m
Fraser Street 067m
Gilbert Street 21m
Glanville Street 166m
Goldswain Street 164m
Gowie Street 076m
Grocott Street 13m
Hall Street 141m
Hemming Street 16m
Henry Street 722m
High Street 1.038Km
Hill Street 132m
Hillsview Street 1.166Km
Holland Street 16m
Hope Street 267m
Howick Street 245m
Howse Street 216m
King Street 096m
Kings Close 182m
Landsdowne Road 278m
Lawrance Street 617m
Lloyd Close 089m
Lower University Road 104m
Lucas Avenue 609m
Luke Street 177m
Miles Street 649m
Montagu Street 218m
Mount Street 142m
Napier Street 3m
New Street 815m
Oatlands Road 798m
Park Road 968m
Parker Street 184m
Pear Lane 356m
Queens Grove 156m
Rae Street 079m
Retief Street 178m
Rhodes Avenue 3m
Robinson Street 49m
Rockridge Road 108m
Rose Street 15m
Scotts Avenue 183m
Selborne Road 513m
Seymour Street 806m
Shepperson Lane 214m
Short Street 154m
Slater Lane 171m
Somerset Street 1.375Km
South Street 508m
Southey Street 732m
Speke Street 395m
St. Aidans Avenue 642m
Templeton Drive 1.273Km
Thompson Street 161m
University Road 203m
Watermeyer Street 231m
Webber Street 4m
Whites Road 387m
Whitnall Street 164m
Wilcox Street 142m
Worcester Street 572m
York Street 3.509Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Grahamstown and their distance from Grahamstown
Museums in GrahamstownLatitude Longitude
Observatory Museum-33.309898926.5292813
Albany Museum-33.313337426.5219240
Pubs in GrahamstownLatitude Longitude
The Rat and Parrot-33.310701326.5216876
Restaurants in GrahamstownLatitude Longitude
Henry Ate-33.309366326.5252775
La Galleria-33.305018726.5211503
137 High Street-33.311954626.5224784
The Cock House-33.312937626.5342757
Stations in GrahamstownLatitude Longitude
West Hill-33.303540626.5117415
Take Aways in GrahamstownLatitude Longitude
Scooters Pizza-33.309196626.5223891
Tourist Attractions in GrahamstownLatitude Longitude
1820 Settlers Monument-33.319432626.5192551
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