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Goodwood Attractions and Distance Calculations
Goodwood is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Goodwood
Distance from Goodwood to Airport
Distance from Goodwood to Cape Town
Distance from Goodwood to Durbanville
Distance from Goodwood to Epping
Distance from Goodwood to Masiphumelele
Distance from Goodwood to Plumstead Municipal Offices
Distance from Goodwood to Tygerberg Hospital - Doctors Residence
Distance from Goodwood to Tygerberg Hospital
Distance from Goodwood to Worcester
Roads Near Goodwood
Roads / Streets in GoodwoodRoad Length
Acacia Street 155m
AG Visser Street 216m
Agapanthus Close 116m
Alexander Street 442m
Alice Street 1.678Km
Aliwal Street 144m
Anderson Street 1.207Km
Argyll Road 285m
Avignon Crescent 227m
Barkley Street 234m
Beaufort Street 1.687Km
Breda Street 168m
Buren Lane 128m
C Louis Leipoldt Street 212m
Caledon Street 1.188Km
Calvinia Street 071m
Carey Slater Road 855m
Carissa Drive 035m
Cedar Crescent 045m
Cedarberg Street 076m
Celtis Lane 019m
Church Road 449m
Culemborg Street 076m
Cypress Drive 215m
De Maas Avenue 484m
De Reyger Road 202m
Dellwyn Road 376m
DF Malherbe Street 218m
Dingle Road 3.019Km
Dirkie Uys Street 928m
Disa Close 03m
Emily Hobhouse Street 303m
Essenhout 229m
Ficus Street 237m
Fisher Street 1.164Km
Fitzroy Street 1.22Km
Fountains Place 041m
Frangipani Road 678m
Frans Conradie Drive 911m
Gertrude Street 768m
Glen Road 072m
Gogman Street 173m
Goodwood Street 1.183Km
Goulburn Street 1.195Km
Greenside Close 112m
Gregory Road 375m
Grens Street 1.135Km
Haarlem Road 34m
Hamilton Street 1.773Km
Heath Street 151m
Herschel Street 261m
Hofmeyer Street 826m
Jacaranda Street 231m
Jameson Road 1.621Km
Joyce Street 093m
Kasteel Crescent 407m
Katberg Street 077m
Keutjie Avenue 149m
Kimberley Street 1.346Km
King George Street 734m
Kranskop Court 037m
Leerdam Lane 11m
Lisboa Street 39m
Louis Trchardt Street 457m
Louis Trichardt Square 293m
Maclear Street 155m
Malmesbury Street 191m
Marshall Road 829m
Mcdonald Road 479m
ME Rothman Street 304m
Meerendal Road 063m
Meiring Street 183m
Merriman Road 2.942Km
Mikro Street 212m
Milkwood Crescent 308m
Milton Road 2.08Km
Moerdyk Street 215m
Montfleur Avenue 256m
Nassau Street 67m
Oranje Avenue 675m
Paul Kruger Avenue 524m
Pelikan Circle 129m
Pierneef Street 212m
Piet Retief Street 222m
Pieter Uys Circle 149m
Princess Elizabeth Street 857m
Princess Margaret Street 925m
Pringle Close 165m
Queens Way 086m
Rhodes Street 1.156Km
Ridge Road 591m
Riebeek Street 4m
Rohm Road 765m
Roodekranz Road 212m
Rose Road 321m
Sakabula Circle 607m
Sakabula Crescent 076m
Saldanha Street 498m
Shillinge Street 074m
Showground Avenue 1.105Km
Smartt Road 2.766Km
Spencer Street 1.61Km
Station Road 612m
Stewart Street 1.16Km
Strelitzia Avenue 075m
Surrey Street 1.233Km
Tambotie Crescent 298m
Texel Street 09m
Tomson Street 071m
Townsend Street 1.288Km
Van Der Heever Street 207m
Van Der Stel Street 167m
Van Rensburg Road 911m
Vanguard Drive 1.752Km
Versfeld Road 1.81Km
Voortrekker Road 2.545Km
Vryburger Street 484m
Wallace Street 1.554Km
Waterberry Drive 131m
Watsonia Street 52m
Waveren Square 495m
Waveren Street 081m
Weatherly Street 073m
Wild Olive Drive 106m
Windell Road 301m
Wynne Road 3m
Zoetendal Street 081m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Goodwood and their distance from Goodwood
Banks in GoodwoodLatitude Longitude
Fire Stations in GoodwoodLatitude Longitude
Goodwood Fire station-33.894778418.5634315
Librarys in GoodwoodLatitude Longitude
Goodwood Library-33.911386218.5508573
Place of Worships in GoodwoodLatitude Longitude
Goodwood Baptist Church-33.904100018.5523507
Police Stations in GoodwoodLatitude Longitude
Goodwood SAPS-33.908881218.5619374
Post Offices in GoodwoodLatitude Longitude
Goodwood Post Office-33.911493118.5525202
Schools in GoodwoodLatitude Longitude
Horskool President-33.901748318.5679220
Stations in GoodwoodLatitude Longitude
Monte Vista-33.891667718.5488551
Elsies River-33.910518218.5691093
Take Aways in GoodwoodLatitude Longitude
Townhalls in GoodwoodLatitude Longitude
Goodwood City Hall-33.911057218.5507500
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