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Gonubie Attractions and Distance Calculations
Gonubie is a town in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Gonubie
Distance from Gonubie to Berea
Roads Near Gonubie
Roads / Streets in GonubieRoad Length
10th Avenue 1.199Km
11th Avenue 887m
12th Avenue 2.066Km
13th Avenue 1.302Km
14th Avenue 1.249Km
15th Avenue 1.479Km
16th Avenue 1.588Km
17th Avenue 1.419Km
1st Avenue 166m
1st Street 1.447Km
2nd Avenue 518m
2nd Street 1.739Km
3rd Avenue 394m
3rd Street 1.423Km
4th Avenue 547m
4th Street 1.364Km
5th Avenue 602m
5th Street 1.215Km
6th Avenue 759m
6th Street 1.111Km
7th Avenue 804m
7th Street 356m
8th Avenue 1.214Km
9th Avenue 1.352Km
Bluegum Way 185m
Cycad Street 209m
Dew Drive 255m
Duine Road 294m
Edgewater Place 137m
Edgewater Road 183m
George Randell Drive 1.032Km
Gordon View Road 046m
Hart Street 437m
Humphries Street 271m
Kloof Road 255m
Latimer Street 203m
Lillian Lane 287m
Mahem Place 13m
Main Road Gonubie 1.24Km
Moorshead Street 121m
Pearce Crescent 645m
Recreation Road 605m
Ridgeway Road 359m
Sanctuary Street 574m
Smith Street 356m
Spring Road 209m
Waterston Street 347m
Watsonia Crescent 139m
West Street 456m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Gonubie and their distance from Gonubie
Hotels in GonubieLatitude Longitude
Gonubie Hotel-32.939439328.0318484
Police Stations in GonubieLatitude Longitude
Gonubie Police Station-32.937012628.0009091
Schools in GonubieLatitude Longitude
Gonubie Primary School-32.936796528.0082584
Veterinarians in GonubieLatitude Longitude
Gonubie Veterinary Clinic-32.938615428.0128611
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