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Golokodo Attractions and Distance Calculations
Golokodo is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Golokodo
Direct Distance from Golokodo to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 538 Km
Direct Distance from Golokodo to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 501 Km
Direct Distance from Golokodo to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1247 Km
Direct Distance from Golokodo to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 663 Km
Direct Distance from Golokodo to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 455 Km
Direct Distance from Golokodo to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 503 Km
Direct Distance from Golokodo to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 604 Km
Direct Distance from Golokodo to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 691 Km
Roads Near Golokodo
Roads / Streets in GolokodoRoad Length
300144 Street 164m
300146 Street 047m
510049 Street 213m
510050 Street 085m
510051 Street 181m
510052 Street 407m
510053 Street 152m
510054 Street 258m
510055 Street 052m
510056 Street 215m
510057 Street 1.69Km
510058 Street 574m
510059 Street 494m
510061 Street 666m
510062 Street 119m
510063 Street 145m
510064 Street 157m
510065 Street 168m
510066 Street 183m
510067 Street 202m
510068 Street 219m
510069 Street 224m
510070 Street 223m
510071 Street 215m
510072 Street 206m
510076 Street 244m
510077 Street 159m
510078 Street 177m
510079 Street 567m
510081 Street 484m
510084 Street 402m
510086 Street 099m
510087 Street 078m
510088 Street 287m
510089 Street 1.182Km
510090 Street 42m
510091 Street 629m
510092 Street 597m
510093 Street 106m
510094 Street 106m
510095 Street 106m
510096 Street 103m
510097 Street 082m
510098 Street 111m
510099 Street 12m
510100 Street 129m
510101 Street 136m
510102 Street 136m
510103 Street 104m
510104 Street 18m
510105 Street 236m
510106 Street 456m
510108 Street 749m
510110 Street 216m
510111 Street 43m
510113 Street 654m
510115 Street 628m
510119 Street 498m
510123 Street 497m
510124 Street 195m
510125 Street 2m
510126 Street 176m
510127 Street 2m
510128 Street 213m
510129 Street 09m
58190 Street 195m
58191 Street 326m
58192 Street 228m
58193 Street 1m
58194 Street 2m
58195 Street 189m
58196 Street 173m
58197 Street 061m
58198 Street 095m
58199 Street 066m
58200 Street 09m
58201 Street 132m
58202 Street 097m
58203 Street 094m
58204 Street 075m
58205 Street 048m
58206 Street 098m
58207 Street 226m
58208 Street 124m
58209 Street 116m
58210 Road 136m
58211 Street 191m
58212 Street 176m
58214 Street 272m
58216 Street 096m
58217 Street 143m
58218 Street 075m
58220 Street 073m
58221 Street 073m
58222 Street 062m
58226 Street 166m
58230 Street 265m
58231 Street 121m
58232 Street 143m
58233 Street 059m
58234 Street 097m
58235 Street 109m
58236 Street 12m
58237 Street 094m
58238 Street 161m
58239 Road 046m
58250 Street 075m
83217 Track 624m
83853 Track 109m
84076 Track 1.016Km
84077 Track 122m
84078 Track 329m
84079 Track 694m
84080 Track 39m
84081 Track 08m
84092 Track 466m
84667 Track 694m
84673 Track 134m
84674 Track 215m
84675 Track 177m
84676 Track 176m
84677 Track 274m
84678 Track 08m
84679 Track 131m
84680 Track 298m
84689 Track 396m
84690 Track 367m
84691 Track 096m
84692 Track 167m
84693 Track 11m
84694 Track 06m
84695 Track 23m
Benzelani Place 047m
Cele Road 481m
Cilo Road 382m
Cishamlilo Road 123m
Danoyi Street 21m
Fano Street 152m
Fukwe Road 072m
Gaze Makhanya Avenue 955m
Herman Place 146m
Hlanganani Cresent 803m
Hlokohloko Place 093m
Hlophe Street 175m
Honi Street 207m
Jafetha Street 363m
Jikeleza Cresent 089m
Juba Place 036m
Juluka Cresent 747m
Khayizeni Drive 577m
King Dingane Street 194m
Lulu Road 1.365Km
Madlokovu Cresent 342m
Madoda Street 241m
Makhosazane Cresent 559m
Malibuye Street 421m
Manqina Road 348m
Mayhiya Road 112m
Mbongwe Street 257m
Mfundisi Cresent 38m
Mgigiyeli Road 842m
Mgogeni Road 386m
Mhanjiswa Cresent 415m
Mhlonishwa Road 485m
Mhosha Cresent 329m
Mkhandeni Street 996m
Mkhazini Road 24m
Mlungisi Street 049m
Mpiki Street 131m
Mujiti Place 189m
Mvunge Cresent 352m
Mzane Street 102m
Ndabezitha Road 1.737Km
Ndilnga Cresent 181m
Ndlomane Cresent 833m
Ngiyeke Place 05m
Nhlwathi Street 406m
Nkingazakhe Place 041m
Nkomozakhe Cresent 396m
Nkomozakhe Place 116m
Nkonjane Place 057m
Nomalumbo Road 164m
Nozidumo Road 114m
Nozimanga Place 048m
Nqomfi Place 044m
Ntiyane Place 063m
Ntozakhe Place 153m
Ntshoyi Street 348m
Nyenyeza Place 049m
Phenduka Cresent 403m
Phikeshilo Place 088m
Phumowakhe Road 1.362Km
Salani Road 518m
Senzeni Street 374m
Sgubhu Street 281m
Sikhonyane Place 129m
Sikhonzi Road 201m
Sikhwebu Place 256m
Sithayi Road 04m
Skhova Place 046m
Snqanu Place 041m
Sonangani Road 276m
Sonto Street 12m
Spine Road 1.889Km
Sqothu Street 119m
Swenka Place 233m
Thasoso Drive 534m
Thekwane Place 056m
Thithibala Road 296m
Thulasizwe Street 206m
Thwana Place 048m
Velani Road 415m
Vuakyibambe Cresent 792m
Vukuthu Place 042m
Vumandaba Street 217m
Vumani Cresent 367m
Xamu Road 283m
Xolani Street 077m
Zungeza Street 346m
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