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Glenhaven Attractions and Distance Calculations
Glenhaven is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Glenhaven
Distance from Glenhaven to Salt River
Roads Near Glenhaven
Roads / Streets in GlenhavenRoad Length
Aaron Figaji Street 292m
Ave D Hermet 421m
Beroma Crescent 436m
Bester Road 396m
Bureau Street 131m
Central Drive East Road 432m
Central Drive North Road 297m
Central Drive South Road 463m
Central Drive West Road 249m
Charlottenburg Street 069m
Daleway Road 033m
Dwars Street 072m
Edgar Street 078m
Fernwood Street 126m
Gershon Avenue 107m
Glen Crescent 143m
Glencarol Street 192m
Glenco Street 396m
Glendale Street 151m
Hoek Street 463m
Lorna Street 291m
Maureen Street 266m
Maximillian Street 404m
Otto Meyer Laan 568m
Peter Barlow Drive 1.468Km
Rue Ursula Street 237m
Spin Street 177m
Talana Road 21m
The Mews Street 045m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Glenhaven and their distance from Glenhaven
Nursery Schools in GlenhavenLatitude Longitude
Sarepta Primary-33.931177418.6666557
Police Stations in GlenhavenLatitude Longitude
Bellville South SAPS-33.915210318.6465669
Schools in GlenhavenLatitude Longitude
Sarepta High-33.927069318.6661187
Kuils River Primary-33.926374918.6684468
Stations in GlenhavenLatitude Longitude
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