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Glendinningvale Attractions and Distance Calculations
Glendinningvale is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Glendinningvale
Direct Distance from Glendinningvale to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 946 Km
Direct Distance from Glendinningvale to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 893 Km
Direct Distance from Glendinningvale to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 661 Km
Direct Distance from Glendinningvale to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 685 Km
Direct Distance from Glendinningvale to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 541 Km
Direct Distance from Glendinningvale to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1077 Km
Direct Distance from Glendinningvale to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 586 Km
Direct Distance from Glendinningvale to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1179 Km
Roads Near Glendinningvale
Roads / Streets in GlendinningvaleRoad Length
Albany Road 247m
Allan Street 083m
Ascot Road 26m
Barris Walk 083m
Bay View Avenue 858m
Bernard Street 086m
Bowker Street 146m
Bradshaw Street 197m
Buckingham Road 644m
Cape Road 4.512Km
Carlisle Street 392m
Churchill Street 517m
Clevedon Road 668m
College Avenue 209m
College Drive 1.249Km
Conyngham Road 1.187Km
Eastbourne Road 825m
Eden Road 304m
Featherstone Street 113m
Gipson Road 374m
Goodwood Street 086m
Hallack Road 621m
King Georges Road 343m
Lennox Street 649m
Malta Street 103m
Marlborough Street 255m
McLean Road 419m
Mill Park Road 1.108Km
Morain Street 095m
Morrison Street 343m
Mount Road 1.544Km
Northwood Road 44m
Park Lane 144m
Rooseveld Road 1.338Km
Salisbury Avenue 48m
Scanlen Street 798m
Way Avenue 207m
Westbourne Road 847m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Glendinningvale and their distance from Glendinningvale
Bed and Breakfasts in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
10 on Cape-33.962382225.6077791
Cafes in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
Cafe Providence-33.960040025.5986000
Cafe Rouge-33.959279825.6115209
Xpression Coffee Shop-33.963822225.6106771
Angelos Coffee Bar-33.962146725.6135508
Car Rentals in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
Avis (Greenacres)-33.950492325.5812620
Chalets in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
Collett Wooden Chalet-33.963916825.6119358
Cinemas in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
Uptown Theatre-33.964536525.6116015
Colleges in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
Port Elizabeth College-33.961452925.6101841
Teachers Centre-33.957270125.6152200
Guest Houses in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
Saunders Guest House-33.954530025.5960400
Eden Road Guest Suites-33.953521225.5925636
Buckingham Place-33.957446125.5947542
Mount Lodge Guest House-33.957354825.5960043
Urban Manor Guesthouse-33.958004425.5961037
Arkenstone Guest House-33.957039025.5899227
Sea Breeze-33.954519725.6010507
Sylvesters Guest House-33.960131225.5977596
Millbury Guest House-33.961587425.5901967
36 Mount Road Guest House-33.949506125.6015240
Mill Park Inn-33.954845225.5843255
Cambridge Cottage-33.956748525.6037948
Mill House Guest House-33.962480025.5888700
King Georges Guest House-33.962183025.6010583
Greenacres Guest House-33.953420825.5798738
Hallack Manor Guest House-33.965588725.6009915
236 Cape Road Cottage-33.953176625.5791106
Ermas Place-33.946564525.5812674
Linkside Lodge-33.963642825.5818219
The Kloof Guest House-33.968760025.5948100
Palm Springs Guest House-33.968704225.6003801
River Road Guest House-33.970816825.5887561
Belvedere Mews-33.959115025.6138120
Bayview Lodge-33.939776525.5827370
Hostels in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
The Hippo Backpackers-33.958530025.6085046
Hotels in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
Bay Lodge-33.959335725.5985442
Petrol Stations in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
NG Patmos-33.959765125.5997355
Trinity Baptist-33.961074825.6047686
NG Kensington-33.941498025.5903364
Centenary Methodist-33.958449725.6133839
NG Sentraal-33.959695525.6142959
Pubs in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
The Spotted Cow-33.962094025.6108990
Restaurants in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
Silver Lantern-33.957490025.5936687
The Coachman-33.958830025.5972500
Royal Deli Restaurant-33.958869425.6066437
Old Austria-33.961143025.6069456
Green Door-33.958610025.6118500
Renaissance Restaurant-33.961891625.6135666
Herberts Restaurant-33.962102825.6137233
Schools in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
Grey Boys High School-33.961209725.5951708
Lawson Brown High School-33.948679625.5993272
Grey Junior School-33.961595825.5968756
Laerskool Excelsior-33.950089925.6025399
The Hill College-33.961315425.6058097
Westview High School-33.957239925.5769999
Linkside High School-33.963477125.5787712
Saint Georges College-33.963998325.6098373
Alliance Francaise-33.959516325.6128687
Khumbulani High School-33.939019925.6038199
Stations in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
North End-33.946448525.6100418
Take Aways in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
KFC Five Ways-33.960670025.6030000
Pizza 2 Go-33.963301425.6106706
Wimpy (The Bridge)-33.949440825.5737114
Tourist Attractions in GlendinningvaleLatitude Longitude
Horse Memorial-33.962195425.6087766
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