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Georginia Attractions and Distance Calculations
Georginia is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Georginia
Distance from Georginia to Simmonds Street
Roads Near Georginia
Roads / Streets in GeorginiaRoad Length
1st Avenue 1.251Km
2nd Avenue 1.082Km
3rd Avenue 1.038Km
6th Avenue 1.55Km
Fuller Street 108m
Geoffrey Street 222m
George Street 148m
Grens Hudson Street 383m
Ibsen Street 233m
Kent Street 267m
Kerkhof Street 076m
Lyon Street 549m
Mersey Street 207m
Miles Stoker Road 259m
Nel Street 455m
Nelson Avenue 579m
Olivier Street 557m
Onslow Avenue 736m
Picton Avenue 273m
Tornado Crescent 87m
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