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Gelvandale Attractions and Distance Calculations
Gelvandale is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Gelvandale
Direct Distance from Gelvandale to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 943 Km
Direct Distance from Gelvandale to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 890 Km
Direct Distance from Gelvandale to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 657 Km
Direct Distance from Gelvandale to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 686 Km
Direct Distance from Gelvandale to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 537 Km
Direct Distance from Gelvandale to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1075 Km
Direct Distance from Gelvandale to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 581 Km
Direct Distance from Gelvandale to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1176 Km
Roads Near Gelvandale
Roads / Streets in GelvandaleRoad Length
Amazon Road 374m
Ambraal Road 206m
Anita Drive 912m
Antelope Road 327m
Aquarius Street 232m
Aries Street 244m
Avalon Road 1.485Km
Azalea Road 179m
Baadjies Road 291m
Bagley Road 183m
Baird Road 064m
Beaton Road 184m
Beetlestone Road 2.106Km
Bell Road 1.712Km
Billet Road 185m
Bongo Road 185m
Booysen Road 197m
Bottlebrush Road 356m
Brutus Road 076m
Buchu Road 153m
Bushbuck Road 317m
Calista Street 065m
Calvert Road 222m
Capricorn Crescent 648m
Chamois Road 377m
Cloete Road 2m
Coltman Road 238m
Dace Place 042m
Daphne Road 242m
De Sales Road 129m
Deverell Road 703m
Dower Street 299m
Duiker Road 264m
Echium Street 291m
Eland Road 264m
Elderberry Road 242m
Elk Road 289m
Fitchardt Road 747m
Frans Road 106m
Gail Road 1.873Km
Gazelle Road 297m
Geldenhuys Road 321m
Gemini Place 112m
Gemsbok Road 292m
Goliath Road 737m
Grimsell Road 168m
Groenewald Road 475m
Grysbok Road 315m
Gutch Road 478m
Hendricks Road 176m
Hercules Road 196m
Hislop Road 304m
Holmon Drive 464m
Ibex Road 306m
Impala Road 317m
Inyala Road 489m
Jegger Road 269m
Jooste Road 247m
Kemdrick Road 1.025Km
Kobus Road 2.37Km
Koedoe Road 297m
Lanique Road 416m
Libra Street 371m
Liebenberg Road 718m
Louw Road 068m
Martin Road 1.298Km
McManus Crescent 791m
Millet Road 252m
Mirelda Road 089m
Newfeldt Street 278m
Numan Road 07m
Old Standford Road 1.016Km
Olympia Road 258m
Oribi Road 277m
Pienaar Street 535m
Plaatjies Road 382m
Potts Road 112m
Redcliffe Road 231m
Reginald Road 931m
Renecke Road 962m
Reynders Street 066m
Ridgeside Crescent 353m
Roan Crescent 465m
Romneya Road 41m
Saays Road 072m
Sable Road 31m
Sagard Road 063m
Sagittarius Street 53m
Saiga Street 065m
Saint Adams Road 82m
Sampson Road 284m
Sarona Road 302m
Scheepers Road 444m
Scorpio Street 186m
Speelman Road 223m
Springbok Road 1.802Km
Stag Road 276m
Steffens Road 126m
Stinkhout Road 397m
Stoffel Road 266m
Stuart Street 309m
Sullivan Road 173m
Syddard Road 195m
Terblanche Road 478m
Tobias Road 205m
Van Durren Street 358m
Van Rooyen Road 35m
Vardy Road 15m
Virgo Road 1.423Km
Vogel Road 195m
Voisin Road 1.007Km
Wagenaar Road 319m
Zahir Road 07m
Zimdahl Street 889m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Gelvandale and their distance from Gelvandale
Community Centres in GelvandaleLatitude Longitude
Helenvale Community Hall-33.916479025.5563022
Gelvandale Community Hall-33.915023525.5593709
KEM Centre-33.926089925.5410504
Malabar Community Centre-33.921240925.5326059
Guest Houses in GelvandaleLatitude Longitude
Paw Paw Lodge-33.928596625.5463192
Place of Worships in GelvandaleLatitude Longitude
Springdale Congregational-33.923623425.5551672
Public Buildings in GelvandaleLatitude Longitude
Traffic Department-33.926342625.5687004
Schools in GelvandaleLatitude Longitude
Chapman Secondary School-33.918951525.5516800
Gelvandale Primary School-33.915805325.5570080
Fontein Primary School-33.912414325.5554394
Alpha Primary School-33.912129925.5480899
Papenskuil Primary School-33.921231025.5532820
Gelvandale High School-33.909469025.5559328
Bayview Primary School-33.907839925.5520599
Helenvale Primary School-33.907053625.5476582
Parkside Primary School-33.925409625.5565271
Malabar Primary School-33.923989625.5420942
Hillcrest Primary School-33.904179425.5452752
Woolhope Secondary School-33.921267325.5344109
Happydale School-33.900961925.5544274
Diaz Primary School-33.906185525.5667604
Young Park Primary School-33.916569925.5716799
Take Aways in GelvandaleLatitude Longitude
Lallas Take Aways-33.927121025.5668554
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