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Franschhoek Attractions and Distance Calculations
Franschhoek is a town in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Franschhoek
Distance from Franschhoek to Cape Town International Airport
Distance from Franschhoek to Cape Town
Distance from Franschhoek to Ceres Zipslide Adventures
Distance from Franschhoek to Durbanville
Distance from Franschhoek to Fraai Uitzicht 1798
Distance from Franschhoek to Jongensfontein
Distance from Franschhoek to Knysna
Distance from Franschhoek to Oudtshoorn
Distance from Franschhoek to Paarl
Distance from Franschhoek to Schoone Oordt Country House
Roads Near Franschhoek
Roads / Streets in FranschhoekRoad Length
Akademie Street 1.162Km
Berg Street 465m
Bordeaux Street 153m
Calais Street 143m
Daniel Hugo Street 441m
De La Rey Street 153m
De Wet Street 523m
Dirkie Uys Street 2.064Km
Excelsior Street 3.244Km
Heide Street 343m
Huguenot Road 935m
Klein Cabriere 073m
Kruger Street 415m
La Cotte Street 433m
La Rochelle Street 189m
Lambrecht Street 761m
Lillie Close 087m
Louis Botha Street 212m
Nerina Street 386m
Paris Close 144m
Protea Street 134m
Reservoir Street 1.346Km
Tuin Street 127m
Union Street 263m
Van Riebeeck Street 499m
Van Wyk Street 458m
Wilhelmina Street 303m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Franschhoek and their distance from Franschhoek
Bicycle Rentals in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
Bicycle Rental-33.907771219.1153622
Chemists in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
Franschhoek Pharmacy-33.909046919.1178227
Courthouses in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
Franschhoek Magistrate-33.912413019.1211566
Grave Yards in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
Franschhoek Graveyard-33.914735619.1242148
Guest Houses in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
La Fontaine-33.910628319.1207486
Plumwood Inn-33.913235119.1191167
Coach House-33.913072619.1228513
Hotels in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
The Last Word Franschhoek-33.908215719.1171757
La Cotte Inn-33.907087619.1173089
Information Centres in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
Info Office-33.907875719.1176897
Museums in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
Franschhoek Huguenot-33.913175819.1237596
Fr Museum-33.913776719.1242960
Petrol Stations in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
Methodist Church-33.911798019.1296420
Police Stations in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
ColCassio Pizeria-33.908423319.1173357
Le Quartier Franais-33.912686619.1209832
La Brasserie-33.912049419.1161621
The Bistro-33.912891819.1212279
La Petite Ferme-33.918486319.1360532
Schools in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
Franschhoek High-33.909787819.1216835
Tourist Attractions in FranschhoekLatitude Longitude
Huguenot Monument-33.915253019.1233535
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