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Forest Hill Attractions and Distance Calculations
Forest Hill is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Forest Hill
Distance from Forest Hill to 25 Axle Drive
Roads Near Forest Hill
Roads / Streets in Forest HillRoad Length
Blackthorne Avenue 459m
Clover Crescent 316m
Cotter Close 208m
Cranwell Drive 456m
Driftsands Drive 1.073Km
Forest Hill Drive 074m
Heather Square 457m
Hill Drive 135m
Hilton Crescent 211m
La Roche Drive 2.164Km
Lucerne Avenue 287m
Orange Grove 562m
Protea Crescent 331m
Rockcliffe Place 244m
Strandfontein Road 1.483Km
Tacoma Place 446m
Willow Drive 951m
Woodhead Drive 369m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Forest Hill and their distance from Forest Hill
Caravan Parks in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
Humepark Caravan Park-33.972874125.6315570
Chalets in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
Oslo Holiday Apartments-33.973739325.6387619
Hornby Lodge-33.976455825.6470915
307 Madison on 1st-33.975000325.6122523
Chemists in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
Former Guest Houses in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
Cinnamon Urban Lodge-33.979529025.6418162
Guest Houses in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
La Mer Lodge-33.976627325.6364566
51 Brett La Roche Complex-33.980568925.6402166
Antheas Place-33.978630325.6393835
Tanaqua Lodge-33.976480225.6380674
Driftsands Guest House-33.975214225.6373967
Aqua Marine Guest House-33.979047825.6411691
Sir Roys at the Sea-33.972600225.6324544
Humewood Beach House-33.974887525.6410546
A Seaside Stay-33.976721325.6429039
Conifer Beach House-33.976135425.6434665
Madiba Bay Guest House-33.972795325.6167101
Kasama Lodge-33.987060025.6466800
Hazeldene Guest House-33.976096925.6096238
Hostels in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
Lungile Backpackers-33.978793025.6437779
Hotels in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
Bishops Inn-33.974797425.6406786
Paxton Hotel-33.970104825.6299882
Crows Nest-33.976357125.6438991
The Windermere Hotel-33.976029325.6447261
Garden Court Kings Beach-33.977589325.6466939
Humewood Hotel-33.976053825.6463258
The Kelway Hotel-33.979035225.6481653
Formula One Hotel-33.977752125.6479270
The Chapman Manor-33.978542425.6491489
Museums in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
South End Museum-33.969394825.6292902
Petrol Stations in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
NG Oos-33.973647725.6213340
Masjid ul-Akbar-33.968750025.6279699
Police Stations in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
Humewood Police Station-33.973762325.6263086
Pre-schools in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
Seemeeu Pre Primary-33.980209925.6318699
Pubs in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
Aviators Pub and Grub-33.982677625.6101547
Restaurants in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
The Gravy Train-33.973229125.6423627
House of Coffees-33.984107225.6114975
Admirals Restaurant-33.975033525.6098953
Schools in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
Protea Primary School-33.984528525.6349216
Quest Special School-33.974338325.6204248
Victoria Park High School-33.975694525.6133105
Stations in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
Humewood Road-33.970668625.6342211
Take Aways in Forest HillLatitude Longitude
McDonalds - Humewood-33.976901125.6476137
El Nino Pizza-33.974050825.6124277
Catch 22-33.965144825.6277931
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