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Evaton North Attractions and Distance Calculations
Evaton North is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Evaton North
Direct Distance from Evaton North to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1223 Km
Direct Distance from Evaton North to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 484 Km
Direct Distance from Evaton North to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 857 Km
Direct Distance from Evaton North to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 331 Km
Direct Distance from Evaton North to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 333 Km
Direct Distance from Evaton North to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 392 Km
Direct Distance from Evaton North to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 332 Km
Roads Near Evaton North
Roads / Streets in Evaton NorthRoad Length
10th Street 61m
13th Street 148m
15th Street 234m
16th Street 179m
17th Street 22m
20th Street 227m
24th Street 254m
2nd Street 611m
30th Street 315m
6th Street 365m
Albatros Road 265m
Aphane Street 517m
Barbet Road 179m
Bohatsu Street 171m
Buffalo Road 1.378Km
Canary Road 226m
Cindi Street 489m
Crane Road 383m
Crow Road 513m
Demas Street 479m
Dhamini Street 359m
Diver Road 223m
Dolo Street 188m
Duck Road 305m
Eagle Road 1.237Km
Flamingo Road 936m
Futshane Street 259m
Gandamela Street 282m
Gannet Road 215m
Goose Road 096m
Guinea Fowl Road 382m
Gull Road 105m
Hamelton Road 1.179Km
Hawk Road 79m
Heron Road 227m
Honeysucker Road 203m
Hoophoe Road 337m
Kgosi Street 401m
Kgotleng Street 21m
King Street 296m
Kingfisher Road 245m
Kite Road 152m
Kubheka Street 215m
Letebele Street 921m
Lethae Street 198m
Lourie Road 24m
Magagule Street 194m
Majafi Street 283m
Makaga Street 322m
Makhagola Street 344m
Makhalemela Street 108m
Malgas Road 185m
Mareletse Street 162m
Maseko Street 262m
Mashinini Street 229m
Matlhaku Street 186m
Maubedu Street 412m
Mazibuko Street 177m
Mbangeni Street 349m
Mbewu Street 209m
Mhlapo Street 094m
Milner Road 1.876Km
Milotsha Street 835m
Mkhezi Street 453m
Mkwanazi Street 227m
Mngomezulu Street 258m
Moabi Street 1.054Km
Mochela Street 145m
Modise Street 204m
Mokoena Street 1.066Km
Moleko Street 1.963Km
Monoto Street 131m
Mooi Street 454m
Moorhen Road 342m
Mosehle Street 205m
Mosime Street 609m
Motsamai Street 7m
Mousebird Road 647m
Msikinya Street 217m
Mzimba Street 152m
Mzizi Street 17m
Nakedi Street 288m
Ndolela Street 201m
Ndumdum Street 16m
Ngoqo Street 1m
Ngoyi Street 199m
Nightingale Road 36m
Nightjar Road 256m
Nkosi Street 137m
Nku Street 269m
Nkutha Street 207m
Noge Street 582m
Nshibanyoni Street 177m
Nthoba Street 183m
Ntsape Street 157m
Opperman Street 668m
Ostrich Road 194m
Owl Road 045m
Parakiet Road 247m
Parrot Road 535m
Partridge Road 195m
Pega Street 054m
Pigeon Road 253m
Quphe Street 588m
Rainbird Road 694m
Ramoipona Street 464m
Ramokoka Street 236m
Ramoshu Street 204m
Ramotshoa Street 256m
Rockrunner Road 367m
Segole Street 149m
Sethebe Street 795m
Sibeko Street 142m
Simelane Street 302m
Sithole Street 196m
Skosana Street 375m
Snipe Road 243m
Soboph Street 033m
Spoonbill Road 4m
Starling Road 174m
Sunbird Road 189m
Swallow Road 185m
Swift Road 086m
Thipeyane Street 217m
Tledima Street 144m
Tshabalala Street 346m
Tsokodibana Street 379m
Turn Road 056m
Twayi Street 678m
Wagtail Road 3m
Warbler Road 263m
Weaver Road 411m
Woodpecker Road 677m
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