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Essenwood Attractions and Distance Calculations
Essenwood is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Essenwood
Direct Distance from Essenwood to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 533 Km
Direct Distance from Essenwood to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 497 Km
Direct Distance from Essenwood to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1271 Km
Direct Distance from Essenwood to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 687 Km
Direct Distance from Essenwood to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 470 Km
Direct Distance from Essenwood to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 486 Km
Direct Distance from Essenwood to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 619 Km
Direct Distance from Essenwood to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 678 Km
Roads Near Essenwood
Roads / Streets in EssenwoodRoad Length
122018 Street 124m
122126 Street 166m
122127 Street 07m
122171 Street 061m
122245 Street 098m
122246 Street 285m
122247 Street 166m
122248 Street 184m
122249 Street 21m
122250 Street 209m
122251 Street 111m
122252 Street 108m
122253 Street 058m
Ascot Street 199m
Avondale Road 2.944Km
Bishop Road 219m
Borlase Road 123m
Burne Grove 083m
Bute Road 114m
Caldwell Road 215m
Campbell Avenue 22m
Catterick Road 139m
Centenary On-ramp 103m
Churchill Road 451m
Clarence Road 851m
Claribel Road 428m
Clive Road 216m
Cochrane Place 123m
Connaught Circle 236m
Cottam Grove 132m
Coventry Place 064m
Crabbe Street 112m
Cross Street 01m
Daly Road 179m
De Mazenod Road 176m
Derby Street 216m
Dli Avenue 901m
Dr Yusuf Dadoo Street 418m
Eastbourne Road 449m
Edgewood Gardens 081m
Eighth Avenue 361m
Eleventh Avenue 69m
Elm Lane 301m
Epsom Road 338m
Esselmont Avenue 483m
Esselmont Lane 235m
Evered Poole Place 288m
Fifth Avenue 521m
Findlay Avenue 219m
Fir Lane 223m
First Avenue 535m
Florida Off-ramp 178m
Florida Road 1.705Km
Fourth Avenue 284m
Fynn Street 308m
Gladys Manzi Road 3.105Km
Gladys Mazibuko Road 123m
Gordon Road 851m
Grantham Place 136m
Grattan Place 082m
Haden Road 453m
Harvey Road 455m
Heath Row 141m
Henwood Road 329m
Heron Road 208m
Holden Avenue 132m
Holstead Gardens 231m
Innes Road 1.445Km
Ivy Road 203m
John Zikhali Road 1.141Km
Kent Road 342m
Kolling Street 384m
Lambert Road 995m
Lawrence Road 222m
Leighorne Place 068m
Lennox Road 22m
Lilian Ngoyi Road 887m
Lillian Ngoyi On-ramp 124m
Lily Road 054m
Linden Road 42m
Linkway Road 125m
Linze Road 233m
Louise Lane 213m
M L Sultan Off-ramp 117m
M L Sultan Road 332m
Madeira Road 35m
Madeline Road 576m
Masabalala Yengwa N Off-ramp 014m
Masabalala Yengwa N On-ramp 406m
Masabalala Yengwa S Off-ramp 015m
Masabalala Yengwa S On-ramp 447m
Mathews Meyiwa Road 1.037Km
May Street 511m
Mckenzie Road 283m
Mentone Road 693m
Miller Grove 172m
Milner Road 1.207Km
Mitchell Cresent 1.274Km
Montpelier Place 483m
Montpelier Road 1.343Km
Napier Road 217m
Newmarket Street 283m
Nimmo Road 072m
Ninth Avenue 1.113Km
Nuttall Gardens 18m
Oblate Road 063m
Oldham Road 172m
Ormskirk Grove 074m
Osborne Street 348m
Percy Osborn Road 2.275Km
Poynton Place 19m
Pritchard Lane 192m
Problem Mkhize Road 141m
Roadknight Avenue 115m
Robarts Road 421m
Rosetta Road 666m
Sandile Thusi Road 3.788Km
Sandile Thusi W Off-ramp 152m
Second Avenue 18m
Seventh Avenue 857m
Shepstone Lane 139m
Silver Avenue 456m
Sixth Avenue 598m
Sixth North Avenue 108m
St Marys Avenue 223m
Steel Road 226m
Tenth Avenue 987m
Third Avenue 076m
Twelfth Avenue 681m
Umgeni Road 2.916Km
Walkers Lane 214m
Wallace Road 209m
Walls Avenue 235m
Woodley Cresent 138m
Yule Lane 283m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Essenwood and their distance from Essenwood
Banks in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
Standard Bank-29.848441230.9998413
Bus Stations in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
Trans Lux-29.845961931.0239891
SA Road Link-29.846087531.0244502
Chemists in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
Hotels in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
Florida Park Hotel-29.832984931.0170287
Hotel 64 on Gordon-29.829173331.0193027
The Saint James on Venice-29.824697531.0190285
Formula 1-29.846192831.0247916
Road Lodge-29.852532631.0217055
Memorials in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
John Ross-29.850990331.0256500
Parkings in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
Woolworths Parking-29.840554131.0098760
Cowey Centre Parking-29.840937331.0089314
Petrol Stations in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
Cowey Centre Motors-29.841174131.0087104
Sasol Delight-29.844879231.0252765
Place of Worships in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
Olive Tree Church-29.834759731.0178137
Restaurants in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
Simply Fish-29.831613931.0148875
Circus Circus-29.848546930.9989920
Ocean Basket-29.849405430.9995269
Schools in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
Alliance Franaise-29.829843831.0211594
Livingstone Primary-29.824619031.0234257
Stations in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
Moses Mabhida-29.826351531.0284913
Take Aways in EssenwoodLatitude Longitude
Debonairs pizza-29.832551631.0160060
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