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Escombe Attractions and Distance Calculations
Escombe is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Escombe
Distance from Theescombe to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (Nmmu) North Campus
Roads Near Escombe
Roads / Streets in EscombeRoad Length
Abelia Place 021m
Amon Avenue 151m
Arrow Lane 1m
Arundel Place 083m
Barberton Place 078m
Battersea Road 435m
Berkshire Place 05m
Bowden Road 423m
Bowen Place 253m
Bowker Road 1.304Km
Bramber Road 155m
Bransby Place 064m
Brokensha Road 386m
Carrow Road 154m
Charles English Place 285m
Cherrywood Place 042m
Chester Place 062m
Chesterfield Drive 231m
Cleevewood Place 043m
Cleopatra Place 228m
Cliffview Road 073m
Conabor Road 172m
Coronation Road 908m
Cowell Place 223m
Dawnlea Road 321m
Dawson Road 203m
Depot Road 091m
Dorling Road 202m
Eastwell Road 12m
Ebor Road 152m
Eileen Avenue 038m
Eldridge Road 393m
Elise Marwick Road 173m
Ellen Road 384m
Eltham Place 249m
Essex Place 117m
Eve Elizabeth Road 294m
Fairlight Road 1.582Km
Fiddlewood Place 059m
First Avenue 434m
Fleming Place 116m
Fraser Road 248m
Galliers Road 177m
Glassock Cresent 109m
Glen Road 675m
Graves Road 265m
Green Park Road 255m
Griffen Place 457m
Hakea Road 229m
Haven Lane 192m
Hayton Place 056m
Henderson Road 216m
Holland Place 189m
Hopewell Road 224m
Howard Road 389m
Hyde Avenue 925m
Inverleigh Road 582m
Jacobs Place 158m
Jennifer Avenue 135m
Jesslyn Avenue 588m
Jubilee Cresent 595m
Kate Hartnoll Road 837m
Kemp Place 663m
Kent Road 217m
Kewley Road 188m
Kingston Road 283m
Knightsway Road 343m
Ladd Road 38m
Laing Place 055m
Lawson Place 089m
Le Long Place 109m
Lyndhurst Close 094m
Lynton Road 351m
Main Road 4.53Km
Marie Lane 044m
Maud Road 208m
Maytime Avenue 197m
Mcalpine Place 181m
Meyer Road 43m
Middleton Road 1.556Km
Morrison Road 917m
Newton Walker Cresent 309m
Norman Road 287m
Oleander Place 102m
Oxford Place 106m
Pennine Avenue 352m
Pentas Place 048m
Pentrelew Road 218m
Ponsford Cresent 289m
Purity Lane 114m
Redwood Close 064m
Renaud Street 105m
River Plate Road 147m
Robert Lane 046m
Robin Hood Road 246m
Rose Lane 25m
Rownham Road 61m
Rycroft Avenue 459m
Samantha Place 084m
Saunders Place 089m
Saxon Road 344m
Second Avenue 332m
Seymour Road 461m
Sherwood Cresent 145m
South Road 1.16Km
Southwark Road 211m
St Augustines Cresent 08m
St James Cresent 146m
Station Avenue 254m
Steel Road 085m
Stella Cresent 415m
Stella Road 5.525Km
Step Lane 101m
Stirling Place 073m
Summerhill Road 181m
Surlingham Avenue 53m
Talbot Place 064m
Third Avenue 203m
Tilana Way 287m
Tuffley Avenue 348m
Twiggs Road 262m
Valley View Road 1.391Km
Victoria Cresent 272m
Waddington Road 14m
Wall Road 1.062Km
Watsonia Road 336m
Wisteria Road 466m
Yellowood Close 054m
Young Road 315m
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