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Elarduspark Attractions and Distance Calculations
Elarduspark is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Elarduspark
Distance from Elarduspark to Claremont
Distance from Elarduspark to Cullinan
Distance from Elarduspark to Erasmuskloof
Distance from Elarduspark to Moot Street
Distance from Elarduspark to Pretoria
Distance from Elarduspark to Villieria
Distance from Elarduspark to Wonderboom
Roads Near Elarduspark
Roads / Streets in ElardusparkRoad Length
Aberdeen Street 385m
Alandale Street 847m
Alberton Street 534m
Alouette Street 1.072Km
Apetite Street 064m
Asbestos Street 184m
Augite Street 094m
Bam Street 123m
Barnard Street 879m
Bendor Street 487m
Biotite Street 588m
Boeing Street 933m
Boekhorst Street 32m
Bombani Street 447m
Boston Street 825m
Brick Avenue 128m
Britstone Street 525m
Buccaneer Street 499m
Cathcart Street 424m
Chlorite Street 283m
Constructo Avenue 086m
Dakota Street 404m
De Jonge Street 318m
Delmas Road 1.425Km
Diabaas Street 172m
Duniet Street 816m
Ebenhaezer Road 336m
Eekhout Street 11m
Feldspar Street 407m
Felsiet Street 443m
Frelon Street 517m
Gabbro Street 542m
Galana Street 293m
Gouda Street 096m
Grafiet Street 389m
Granofier Street 271m
Gunning Street 159m
Gypsum Street 348m
Hagen Street 103m
Halite Street 251m
Halse Street 287m
Harvard Street 094m
Hematiet Street 092m
Hofet Street 412m
Hofmeyr Street 404m
Holgate Street 072m
Hornblend Street 264m
Jamestown Street 469m
Jasper Street 15m
Kalsiet Street 257m
Lawrie Street 858m
Magnetiet Street 369m
Miller Clary Street 329m
Mirage Street 57m
Mossel Street 088m
Muskowiet Street 507m
Nieuwenhuyzen Street 1.025Km
Nouga Street 238m
Orthoclase Street 997m
Oudtshoorn Street 1.097Km
Peffer Street 256m
Pirokseen Street 765m
Pitchblend Street 097m
Porfie Place 092m
Rex Street 065m
Roodhuyzen Street 205m
Sak Street 068m
Sandsteen Street 135m
Shale Street 233m
Sidwell Street 183m
Tonga Street 565m
Touw Street 077m
Traka Street 222m
Tromp Crescent 395m
Turf Street 529m
Umhlanga Street 763m
Vampire Street 576m
Van Gorkom Street 176m
Van Manen Street 205m
Van Nikkelen Street 683m
Verster Street 522m
Viscount Street 346m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Elarduspark and their distance from Elarduspark
Banks in ElardusparkLatitude Longitude
Standard Bank-25.817612928.2691674
Cafes in ElardusparkLatitude Longitude
Chemists in ElardusparkLatitude Longitude
Guest Houses in ElardusparkLatitude Longitude
Craigivar Guest House-25.846191828.2725126
Hotels in ElardusparkLatitude Longitude
The Villa Hotel-25.842088328.2776048
Nursery Schools in ElardusparkLatitude Longitude
Petrol Stations in ElardusparkLatitude Longitude
Post Offices in ElardusparkLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in ElardusparkLatitude Longitude
Friendship Chinese-25.826193828.2605907
Ocean Basket-25.836434428.2538938
Alcona Spur-25.836598628.2525420
Pizza Perfect-25.817780428.2681947
Take Aways in ElardusparkLatitude Longitude
Pizza Perfect-25.836520428.2538851
Traffic Circles in ElardusparkLatitude Longitude
Sam Hyde-25.827013428.2773752
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