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Elandspoort Attractions and Distance Calculations
Elandspoort is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Elandspoort
Direct Distance from Elandspoort to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1303 Km
Direct Distance from Elandspoort to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 540 Km
Direct Distance from Elandspoort to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 946 Km
Direct Distance from Elandspoort to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 419 Km
Direct Distance from Elandspoort to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 289 Km
Direct Distance from Elandspoort to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 469 Km
Direct Distance from Elandspoort to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 245 Km
Roads Near Elandspoort
Roads / Streets in ElandspoortRoad Length
Alice Findlay Street 051m
Armament Street 047m
Armstrong Avenue 318m
Arsenaal Street 102m
Asemskep Place 029m
Bandelier Avenue 302m
Battle Street 182m
Bergartellerie Road 1.537Km
Berggras Street 1m
Blouklosgras Crescent 22m
Bousaam Place 088m
Broodgras Street 103m
Bruinvingergras Crescent 168m
Buchler Street 737m
Castaletto Street 281m
Corne Westmaas Street 096m
Creusot Avenue 481m
D Liebenberg 358m
Dirksen Street 564m
Dr. Sadovsky Dv 324m
Du Plessis Street 1.153Km
Du Preez Street 192m
Du Rand Street 307m
Dubbeltjiegras Street 14m
Duvenhage Street 367m
Ella Scarlett Street 1m
Enfield Srteet 157m
Fonteingras Street 086m
Fraai Uitsig Place 051m
Frontvuur Avenue 259m
Fynbos Place 031m
Gideon Scheepers Avenue 1.029Km
Hartedief Place 065m
Hartog Avenue 259m
Helen Meisner Street 146m
Howitzer Avenue 311m
Jane Waterston Corner 309m
Jetty Close 032m
Johanna van Warmeloo Street 054m
Kasemat Street 141m
Katherine B Brereton Street 034m
Klitsgras Street 265m
Kommando Street 169m
Kruithoring Avenue 263m
Krulgras Street 272m
Krupp Avenue 084m
Lategan Street 341m
Libbis Place 05m
Long Tom Avenue 891m
Loopgraaf Avenue 316m
Lower Place 027m
Lucy Acres 148m
M. Lloyd Street 122m
Mandolin Place 038m
Maria Fedorova Street 635m
Martini Henry Avenue 776m
Mauser Avenue 6m
Maxim Street 131m
Mike Du Toit Road 1.104Km
Morewag Place 026m
Nordenfelt Avenue 376m
Ochse Street 269m
Panvingergras Street 174m
Patriot Crescent 259m
Pelser Avenue 201m
Phemelo Street 049m
Projectiel Avenue 195m
Pylgras Street 409m
R J Stiemans Street 031m
Reichman Street 19m
Rifle Street 105m
S J P Eloff Street 136m
S M Brugman Street 251m
Schneider Avenue 336m
Sebo Place 044m
Sekelgras Street 988m
Sister Baumgarten Drive 053m
Skone Place 03m
Sophie Izedinova 1.16Km
Staatsartillerie Road 4.885Km
Steyr Avenue 768m
Tefgras Street 239m
Tweevingergras Crescent 412m
Van Jaarsveld Street 1.039Km
Van Schoor Street 273m
Veergras Street 12m
Veldkanon Avenue 178m
Vergeet-My-Nie Street 374m
Viviers Street 1.028Km
Vleigras Street 092m
Vrolike Lied Place 064m
Wahl Street 32m
Webley Crescent 259m
Wenakker Place 131m
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