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Edgemead Attractions and Distance Calculations
Edgemead is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Edgemead
Distance from Edgemead to Durbanville
Distance from Edgemead to Woodstock
Roads Near Edgemead
Roads / Streets in EdgemeadRoad Length
Ailiff Close 206m
Albany Road 278m
Amstel Street 429m
Anne Barnard Way 532m
Anton Anreith Avenue 904m
Arunside Place 123m
Ascot Close 011m
Avonduur 128m
Bailey Way 165m
Bartlett Way 158m
Bathurst Close 142m
Baxter Way 486m
Bellevue Way 124m
Belmont Way 191m
Bentwood Close 066m
Blyde Crescent 197m
Boekenhoutweg 457m
Boom Street 458m
Bosmansdam Road 3.361Km
Botma Street 696m
Brownsea Close 03m
Brunel Close 167m
Buitensorg 216m
Bultonweg 164m
Castleton Way 228m
Chapman Crescent 253m
Clairewood Close 121m
Cloete Street 307m
Coetzenberg 479m
Coimbra 053m
Coleford Way 355m
Combrinck Street 41m
Coornhoop Street 29m
Cornelis Street 466m
Cross Way 201m
Dauphine Close 109m
De Boerin Street 313m
De Hoop 101m
Den Haag Street 133m
Denhof 077m
Denison Way 417m
Donkin Way 596m
Downes Way 245m
Durnford Way 113m
Edgemead Drive 2.199Km
Elbrecht Street 437m
Elsendal 235m
Enza Circle 191m
Fairmount View 336m
Farmersfield 49m
Field View 364m
Fouche Way 326m
Franklin 144m
Franssen Street 472m
Friesland Crescent 432m
Fuller Street 439m
Ganci Close 056m
Gerard Square 189m
Glenroth 09m
Greenhill View 628m
Greenhillpark 189m
Greys Cresent 241m
Hampton Square 442m
Hayfield Crescent 202m
Headingly Way 338m
Heidehof 043m
Highbury Way 149m
Highlands Close 283m
Hobson Court 127m
Holden Way 081m
Honnet Way 085m
Jacobs Street 088m
Jansen Street 398m
Kamberghof 095m
Kasteel Street 598m
Keisergracht Street 232m
Keukendal 328m
Kewridge Way 261m
KFC Drive Thru 114m
Kingsmead Way 363m
Kirstenbosch 412m
Kleinhof 034m
Koornhoop 14m
Kronendal 527m
Kuilenhof 08m
La Cotte Road 202m
La Rochelle Way 354m
Langkloof Way 444m
Languedoc Road 184m
Le Riche 052m
Lebanon Way 122m
Letchworth Drive 2.039Km
Liesbeeck Street 203m
Linden Court 055m
Link Way 501m
Lombard Road 091m
Longmore 293m
Longmore Crescent 035m
Longwood 217m
Longwood Close 027m
Louis Thibault Drive 2.34Km
Lusenga 149m
Madison Square 19m
Majuba Close 071m
Meerendal 255m
Menlo Crescent 359m
Mostert Street 475m
Murrayfield 329m
Nina Avenue 159m
Normandie Close 169m
Osborne Square 27m
Otago Way 105m
Paalenhof 07m
Paardeberg Close 078m
Pegnanto Close 043m
Pringle Way 149m
Rankin Road 238m
Reston Way 284m
Richmond Close 043m
Robinson Way 495m
Rolfonteinweg 25m
Rosendal Street 545m
Ross Street 647m
Ruskin Square 391m
Rustendal 161m
Salem Way 138m
Saratoga Way 153m
Settlers Drive 1.441Km
Sheldon Square 435m
Sherwood Crescent 364m
Simonsberg 046m
Somerset Way 17m
Southdalse Road 214m
Spilbergen Street 506m
Stanford Way 147m
Stellenhof 102m
Sunnyside 571m
Sunrise Close 098m
Tapiola Way 183m
Telford Way 237m
The Bend 204m
The Meadow 053m
The Paddock 043m
Theron Close 04m
Thomas Bowler Avenue 1.919Km
Tivioli Place 26m
Trafford Close 048m
Trent View 085m
Tulbagh Street 081m
Twickenham Way 112m
Uitsoek Road 09m
Van Passel Street 627m
Van Riebeeck Street 575m
Van Vrede Street 552m
Viljoenhof 125m
Visagie Street 314m
Vondelweg 293m
Vredenhof 086m
Vreem Street 718m
Vryburger Avenue 2.993Km
Waldrifthof 074m
Wedgewood Close 103m
Wembley Way 102m
WemmerSpan 1m
Whitburn Way 092m
Wilgenhof 1m
Wimbledonweg 989m
Woodlands Way 08m
Zandvoort 165m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Edgemead and their distance from Edgemead
Future Stations in EdgemeadLatitude Longitude
Summer Greens Station-33.882813018.5232138
Nursery Schools in EdgemeadLatitude Longitude
Edgemead Pre-Primary-33.873594718.5410183
Kings and Queens Educare-33.880508118.5267949
Busy Buddies Educare-33.881775118.5267042
Place of Worships in EdgemeadLatitude Longitude
Edge Church-33.873810518.5416586
NG Kerk Monte Vista-33.877413818.5532180
New Apostols Church-33.879351818.5269608
Post Offices in EdgemeadLatitude Longitude
Pubs in EdgemeadLatitude Longitude
Legends Pub-33.879870618.5269400
Schools in EdgemeadLatitude Longitude
Edgemead Primary School-33.867599218.5495067
Stations in EdgemeadLatitude Longitude
Monte Vista-33.891667718.5488551
Take Aways in EdgemeadLatitude Longitude
Catch of the Day-33.879982918.5269346
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