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Dowerglen Attractions and Distance Calculations
Dowerglen is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Dowerglen
Distance from Dowerglen to 33 Cayman Road
Distance from Dowerglen to Eikenhof
Roads Near Dowerglen
Roads / Streets in DowerglenRoad Length
4th Street 1.266Km
Adrienne Avenue 465m
Ann Arbor Place 623m
David Place 41m
Dickie Fritz Avenue 1.001Km
Ebony Crescent 425m
Elkin Avenue 182m
Essenhout 337m
Flame Crescent 563m
Glendower Avenue 1.37Km
Hendrik Potgieter Street 2.292Km
Juniper Drive 979m
Keurboom Crescent 531m
Linksfield Road 2.017Km
Marion Place 772m
Marula Street 852m
Milford Avenue 1.043Km
Robina crescent 339m
Sycamore drive 1.625Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Dowerglen and their distance from Dowerglen
Librarys in DowerglenLatitude Longitude
Edenvale Library-26.139621528.1525274
Place of Worships in DowerglenLatitude Longitude
Church on the Rock-26.136046228.1387516
NG Kerk Edenvale-26.143928428.1532310
St Therese-26.150371828.1577232
Police Stations in DowerglenLatitude Longitude
Court House-26.149390828.1496737
Public Buildings in DowerglenLatitude Longitude
Licensing Office-26.135138628.1490276
Restaurants in DowerglenLatitude Longitude
Grand Slam-26.143920928.1378504
Schools in DowerglenLatitude Longitude
Edenvale High School-26.148682428.1469313
Norman House-26.146679228.1476437
Petra Pre School-26.135553028.1384426
Holy Rosary-26.151232628.1568018
Take Aways in DowerglenLatitude Longitude
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