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Dorandia Attractions and Distance Calculations
Dorandia is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Dorandia
Distance from Dorandia to Orpen Gate
Roads Near Dorandia
Roads / Streets in DorandiaRoad Length
Aristata Street 272m
Blouaalwyn Street 345m
Castanea Street 116m
Compacta Street 45m
Daan de Wet Nel Drive 1.024Km
Ferox Street 252m
Generaal de Wet Street 1.493Km
Gerrit Maritz Street 1.698Km
Goree Street 087m
Kopereend Street 32m
Madelief Place 186m
Modesta Street 115m
Petricola Street 207m
Pruinosa Street 549m
Rachel De Beer Street 4.738Km
Ramenas Street 21m
Reinders Avenue 395m
Sapanaria Street 457m
Stasie Street 2.456Km
Tottum Street 183m
Vaandrager Street 54m
Verecunda Street 856m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Dorandia and their distance from Dorandia
Petrol Stations in DorandiaLatitude Longitude
Post Offices in DorandiaLatitude Longitude
Theresa Park-25.669004828.1441510
Stations in DorandiaLatitude Longitude
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