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Doornpoort Attractions and Distance Calculations
Doornpoort is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Doornpoort
Distance from Doornpoort to Delmas
Distance from doornpoort to Haddon
Distance from Doornpoort to Menlyn Park Shopping Centre
Distance from Doornpoort to Menlyn
Distance from doornpoort to Mokopane
Distance from doornpoort to Postmasburg
Distance from Doornpoort to Silver Lakes Golf Estate
Distance from doornpoort to Thohoyandou
Distance from Doornpoort to Wild Coast Sun Resort
Roads Near Doornpoort
Roads / Streets in DoornpoortRoad Length
Aira Avenue 082m
Amandelboom Road 1.784Km
Amaryllys Road 164m
Anemoon Place 078m
Apache Avenue 3.256Km
Banksia Place 04m
Barentz Place 056m
Begonia Street 448m
Boabab Street 472m
Bon Accord Avenue 717m
Buttercup Road 37m
Canna Street 26m
Columbus Place 035m
Comanche Road 411m
Cosmos Place 042m
Darwin Place 036m
Delphinium Street 3m
Denneboom Road 671m
Dias Place 038m
Dirk Van Velden Street 144m
Dr Swanepoel Road 082m
Drake Place 04m
Ebbenhout Street 279m
Falkia Street 233m
Foxglove Street 744m
Fuchs Place 054m
Gambry Avenue 577m
H. O. Monnig Crescent 559m
Hairbell Street 434m
Hannibal Place 041m
Holihock 322m
Hudson Place 039m
Jan Bantjies Road 2.395Km
Kappertjie Crescent 3m
Katjiepiering Road 453m
Kersieboom Street 141m
Klippan Road 2.351Km
Krisant Road 379m
Lannea Avenue 795m
Lime Street 043m
Livingstone Place 062m
Lupin Place 05m
Magellan Place 033m
Maple Street 458m
Mimosa Street 361m
Musa Place 056m
North Road 311m
Okkerneut Crescent 383m
Olienhoutboom Road 481m
Ondekkers Crescent 433m
Palm Street 122m
Pansy Place 037m
Parry Place 033m
Peerboom Street 3.395Km
Petunia Street 421m
Polo Place 041m
Poplar Street 071m
Poppy Place 041m
Protea Street 103m
Raasblaar Road 605m
Roos Street 344m
Sandvygie Crescent 1.063Km
Scott Place 028m
Seringboom Road 354m
Silverpine Street 134m
Snowdrop Street 273m
Sonneblom Road 511m
Streakwood Avenue 381m
Suikerbos Road 1.059Km
Trema Crescent 382m
Veronica Road 2.859Km
Viola Place 031m
Viooltjie Street 492m
Vyeboom Road 588m
Wattle Street 891m
Wilger Road 73m
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