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Dobsonville Attractions and Distance Calculations
Dobsonville is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Dobsonville
Distance from Dobsonville to Johannesburg
Distance from Dobsonville to Pimville
Distance from Dobsonville to Roodepoort
Distance from Dobsonville to Selby
Roads Near Dobsonville
Roads / Streets in DobsonvilleRoad Length
Andries 796m
Azana Street 78m
Batyi Street 095m
Beli Street 216m
Botsi Street 337m
Bungane Street 361m
Coto Street 306m
Dlomo Street 559m
Gasimeni Street 216m
Gwayi Street 314m
Gwele Street 265m
Hashe Street 615m
Hlobo Street 281m
Hlubi Street 298m
Jabulani Street 25m
Jairus Street 504m
Jonas Moabi Drive 731m
Jonas Moabi Street 375m
Kgengoa Street 121m
Khosa Street 562m
Khoza Street 193m
Khumalo Street 305m
Koenatseng Street 149m
Konjwana Street 248m
Ledwaba Street 608m
Lekghetho Street 305m
Lekoioane Street 141m
Lubanxa Street 272m
Lubazi Street 142m
Lumkwana Street 299m
Luthuli Street 1.613Km
Maake Street 259m
Mabele Street 684m
Mabitsela Street 256m
Machaba Street 146m
Mafanya Street 38m
Mafu Street 589m
Mafumbu Street 398m
Main Street 1.26Km
Majova Street 45m
Makobosi Street 239m
Mamala Street 164m
Mangali Street 354m
Mashao Street 829m
Mashumi Street 144m
Masimola Street 264m
Masingafi Street 1.912Km
Masobela Street 291m
Masuku Street 147m
Mawasha Street 949m
Mayikane Street 338m
Mbanjwa Street 204m
Mbolekna Street 13m
Mbowabi Street 405m
Mboyi Street 283m
Mbuli Street 123m
Melani Street 272m
Mfundo Street 38m
Mhlanga Street 389m
Minaisa Street 333m
Mkhontlana Street 1.676Km
Mlambo Street 194m
Mngadi Street 384m
Modimosana Street 285m
Moepeng Street 1.288Km
Mogorosi Street 1.286Km
Mohlangati Street 146m
Moiloa Street 184m
Mokhesi Street 224m
Mokonyan Street 712m
Molebatsi Street 35m
Molefi Street 637m
Moloto Street 519m
Molotywa Street 1.022Km
Mondi Street 47m
Mongeyela Street 433m
Montlantla Street 877m
Morapeli Street 231m
Motamela Street 517m
Mothoa Street 925m
Motle Street 904m
Motseeeme Street 1.08Km
Motsumi Street 508m
Mphephetho Street 2.358Km
Msikang Street 281m
Mthabela Street 592m
Mukhudi Street 225m
Myoowana Street 247m
Mzendana Street 189m
Ndebele Street 124m
Nene Street 13m
Ngwane Street 2m
Nkwe Street 29m
Nobangela Street 558m
Nohlebe Street 214m
Nomwa Street 615m
Nonongo Street 139m
Ntaka Street 114m
Ntlailane Street 701m
Phalane Street 142m
Phiri Street 311m
Raborife 406m
Rasimela Street 157m
Rayi Street 168m
Sekwele Street 323m
Shomayeli Street 1.176Km
Sibidla Street 189m
Sibigi Street 498m
Sibinga Street 139m
Sibisi Street 539m
Sifuba Street 384m
Sihale Street 126m
Silli Street 202m
Simelane Street 415m
Sitha Street 163m
Sithole Street 648m
Sokwalisa Street 154m
Stele Street 315m
Steve Kgame Street 1.176Km
Tati Street 621m
Tau Street 669m
Tshezi Street 313m
Tsigu Street 231m
Tswali Street 209m
Twala Street 425m
Tyilo Street 18m
Vakalisa Street 238m
Vincent Thusi Street 1Km
Vuka Street 228m
Wilford Park 353m
Williams Street 556m
Zikali Street 182m
Zungo Street 29m
Zwile Street 119m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Dobsonville and their distance from Dobsonville
Nursery Schools in DobsonvilleLatitude Longitude
Boitumelo Creche-26.221725227.8625526
Place of Worships in DobsonvilleLatitude Longitude
Dutch Reformed Church-26.218355027.8692465
Pubs in DobsonvilleLatitude Longitude
Tladi Pub-26.217923127.8697011
Morris Pub-26.222684327.8585243
Restaurants in DobsonvilleLatitude Longitude
Nnusa Fast Food-26.221536827.8712585
Se Hoezit-26.209497627.8775080
Schools in DobsonvilleLatitude Longitude
Boikanyo Primary School-26.222204827.8602043
PJ Simelane High School-26.227388627.8610376
Senyamo Primary School-26.219916427.8727122
Dr Mary Primary School-26.219680327.8726628
Makhoarane Primary school-26.219404827.8726354
Thabang Primary School-26.218433727.8603978
Stations in DobsonvilleLatitude Longitude
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